An Introduction to Contemporary International Law: A Policy-Oriented Perspective (3rd edition)

ISBN : 9780190227982

Lung-Chu Chen
641 Pages
163 x 239 mm
Pub date
Feb 2015
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An Introduction to Contemporary International Law: A Policy-Oriented Perspective introduces the reader to all major aspects of contemporary international law. It applies the highly acclaimed approach developed by the New Haven School of International Law, viewing international law as an ongoing process of decision-making through which the members of the world community identify, clarify, and secure their common interests. Unlike conventional works in international law, this work is organized and structured in terms of the process of decision making in the international arena, and references both classic historical examples and contemporary events to illustrate international legal processes and principles. Using contemporary examples, this Third Edition builds on previous editions by contextualizing and dramatizing these changes with reference to seven features that characterize the New Haven School approach to international law: participants, perspectives, arenas of decision, bases of power, strategies, outcomes, and effects. This new edition highlights the major developments in international law since 2000, including the right to self-determination, the expanding scope of international concern and the duty of states to protect human rights, the trend towards greater accountability for states and individual decision-makers under international law, and the vital role individual responsibility plays in the emerging field of international criminal law. It provides a new generation of students with the interest and the intellectual tools needed to participate as responsible members of a world community premised on the notion of human dignity for all people.


Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Part One / Delimitation of the Task
1 International Law in a Policy-Oriented Perspective
Part Two / Participants
2 Nation-States
3 International Governmental Organizations
4 Nongovernmental Organizations and Associations
5 The Individual
Part Three / Perspectives
6 Minimum World Order and Optimum World Order
Part Four / Arenas
7 Establishment of and Access to Arenas of Authority
Part Five / Bases of Power
8 Control over Territory
9 Control and Use of the Sea
10 Control and Use of Other Resources
11 Control of People: Nationality and Movement
12 Protection of People: From Alien Rights to Human Rights
13 Vertical Allocation of Authority
14 Horizontal Allocation of Authority
Part Six / Strategies
15 The Diplomatic Instrument
16 International Agreements
17 The Ideological Instrument
18 The Economic Instrument
19 The Military Instrument
Part Seven / Outcomes
20 The Intelligence Function
21 The Promoting Function
22 The Prescribing (Lawmaking) Function
23 The Invoking Function
24 The Applying Function
25 The Terminating Function
26 The Appraising Function
Part Eight / Effects
27 Succession of States
28 Responsibility of States
29 Individual Criminal Responsibility
Part Nine / Prospects
30 Toward a World Community of Human Dignity
List of Treaties

About the author: 

Lung-chu Chen is an internationally recognized scholar and Professor of Law at New York Law School, specializing in the areas of international law, U.S. constitutional law, conflict of laws, human rights, and the United Nations. He previously served as Senior Research Associate and Senior Research Scholar at Yale Law School.; Professor Chen has worked with a variety of government agencies, non-profit groups, and private firms throughout his distinguished career. He is Chairman of the Taiwan New Century Foundation, President of the New Century Institute (New York), and Honorary President of the Taiwan United Nations Alliance (TAIUNA). He is a former President of the Taiwanese Society of International Law, and a former national policy advisor to the president of Taiwan. He served on the Executive Council of the American Society of International Law and as Vice President and member of the Governing Council of the International League for Human Rights. He has served as Chairman of the Association of American Law Schools Section on International Law, and President of the North America Taiwanese Professors' Association (NATPA).

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