Two Revisions of Rolle's English Psalter Commentary and the Related Canticles: Volume II

ISBN : 9780199674299

Anne Hudson
610 Pages
148 x 220 mm
Pub date
May 2013
Early English Text Society Original Series
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Richard Rolle, the Yorkshire hermit and scholar (d. 1349) wrote two commentaries on the Psalms, one in Latin and one in English. Some fifty years after he died, his English commentary was revised by a series of Lollard writers, and this redaction was itself subsequently modified by other revisers, having a similar radical outlook. This edition presents for the first time a full edition of the first of the Lollard revision, and gives detailed evidence for the second. It is based on a full study of all manuscripts of both versions, and includes the commentaries on the twelve Canticles which accompanied the Psalter commentary, and seem to have been regarded as a part of the whole. This first Lollard revision reveals the work of a complex organisation: an academic team which worked on the text for a considerable time, and whose work was not in every respect complete. Volume II contains the second part of the text.

About the author: 

Anne Hudson is Emeritus Professor of Medieval English at the University of Oxford, and currently the Director of the E.E.T.S

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