The Equilibrium Theory of Inhomogeneous Polymers

ISBN : 9780199673797

Glenn Fredrickson
456 Pages
171 x 240 mm
Pub date
Jun 2013
International Series of Monographs on Physics
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The Equilibrium Theory of Inhomogeneous Polymers provides an introduction to the field-theoretic methods and computer simulation techniques that are used in the design of structured polymeric fluids. By such methods, the principles that dictate equilibrium self-assembly in systems ranging from block and graft copolymers, to polyelectrolytes, liquid crystalline polymers, and polymer nanocomposites can be established. Building on an introductory discussion of single-polymer statistical mechanics, the book provides a detailed treatment of analytical and numerical techniques for addressing the conformational properties of polymers subjected to spatially-varying potential fields. This problem is shown to be central to the field-theoretic description of interacting polymeric fluids, and models for a number of important polymer systems are elaborated. Chapter 5 serves to unify and expound the topic of self-consistent field theory, which is a collection of analytical and numerical techniques for obtaining solutions of polymer field theory models in the mean-field approximation. The concluding Chapter 6 provides a discussion of analytical methods for going beyond the mean-field approximation and an introduction to the exciting new field of field-theoretic polymer simulations - the direct numerical simulation of polymer field theory models. No other book brings together in such a detailed and instructive fashion the theoretical and numerical tools for investigating the equilibrium structure and thermodynamics of meso-structured polymer formulations, including those relevant to soft material nanotechnologies, personal care products, and multiphase plastic materials.


1. Introduction
2. Ideal chain models
3. Single chains in external fields
4. Models of many-chain systems
5. Self-consistent field theory
6. Beyond mean-field theory
Appendix A: Fourier series and transforms
Appendix B: Gaussian integrals and probability theory
Appendix C: Calculus of functionals
Appendix D: Complex Langevin theory

About the author: 

Glenn Fredrickson, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California at Santa Barbara

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