The Oxford Handbook of the Atlantic World: 1450-1850

ISBN : 9780199672424

Nicholas Canny; Philip Morgan
704 Pages
175 x 246 mm
Pub date
Mar 2013
Oxford Handbooks in History
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The essays in this volume provide a comprehensive overview of Atlantic history from c.1450 to c.1850, offering a wide-ranging and authoritative account of the movement of people, plants, pathogens, products, and cultural practices-to mention some of the key agents-around and within the Atlantic basin. As a result of these movements, new peoples, economies, societies, polities, and cultures arose in the lands and islands touched by the Atlantic Ocean, while others were destroyed.


1. Introduction
2. . The Worlds of Europeans, Africans, and Americans ca 1490
3. Africans, Early European Contacts, and the Emergent Diaspora
4. Native Americans and Europeans: Early Encounters in the Caribbean and along the Atlantic Coast
5. Atlantic Seafaring
6. Knowledge and Cartography in the Early Atlantic
7. Violence in the Atlantic, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
8. The Atlantic World, the Senses, and the Arts
9. The Iberian Atlantic to 1650
10. The Northern European Atlantic World
11. The Spanish Atlantic 1650-1780
12. The Portuguese Atlantic World, ca. 1650-ca.1760
13. The British Atlantic
14. The French Atlantic World in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
15. Transatlantic Strategies: Native Americans in New Spain, Peru, and North America, c. 1550-1750
16. Africa, Slavery, and the Slave Trade, mid-Seventeenth to mid-Eighteenth Centuries
17. The Ecological Atlantic
18. Movements of People in the Atlantic World, 1450-1850
19. Atlantic Trade and Commodities 1402-1815
20. People and Places in the Americas: A Comparative Approach
21. Household Formation, Lineage, and Gender Relations in the Early Modern Atlantic World
22. Polity Formation and Atlantic Political Narratives
23. Atlantic Law: Transformations of a Regional Legal Regime
24. Atlantic Warfare, 1440-1763
25. Religion in the Atlantic World
26. The Challenge of the New
27. . Science, Nature, Race
28. Identities and Processes of Identification in the Atlantic World
29. Severed Connections: American Indigenous Peoples and the Atlantic World in an Era of Imperial Transformation
30. The American Revolution in Atlantic Perspective
31. The Haitian Revolution in Atlantic Perspective
32. Popular Movements in Colonial Brazil
33. The Hispanic Revolution, 1808-1826
34. Africa in the Atlantic World, ca. 1760-ca. 1840
35. Slavery and Antislavery, 1760-1820
36. Atlantic World 1760-1820: Economic Impact
37. Atlantic and Wider World

About the author: 

Nicholas Canny has published widely on the history of early modern Ireland, early modern Britain, and the history of European colonization more generally, including Making Ireland British, 1580-1650 (2001) and (as editor) volume one in the Oxford History of the British Empire series, Origins of Empire (1998). ; Philip Morgan is the author of Atlantic History: A Critical Appraisal (2009) and Black Experience and the Empire (2004), both published by Oxford University Press.

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