Gilte Legende: v. III

ISBN : 9780199668175

Richard Hamer
550 Pages
149 x 222 mm
Pub date
Jul 2012
Early English Text Society Original Series
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Gilte Legende is, for the most part a close translation 'drawen out of Frensshe into Englisshe' made in 1438 from Jean de Vignay's Legende doree, a French version, made c. 1433, of Jacobus de Voragine's enormously influential collection of saints' lives, Legenda aurea (c. 1267). Legenda aurea, a source book for all the major Christian stories of holy men and women, was a standard work throughout the later Middle ages, read throughout Western Europe, and is essential reading for anyone interested in the ecclesiastical history, literature, and art history of the period. This Middle English translation is the first of two independent versions that were made in the fifteenth century, the second by Caxton. The editor proposes that the translator of this version may have been Dame Eleanor Hull, the first woman translator into English whose name is known, and whose Commentary on the Penitential Psalms was published by EETS as O.S. 307 (1995).The present volume, containing the Introduction, Explanatory Notes, Glossary and Index, completes the EETS's three-volume edition Gilte Legende, which begun with O.S. 327 and 328.


List of Illustrations
Sigla of Manuscripts
List of Abbreviations
1. Gilte Legende and its Sources
2. The Manuscripts
3. Manuscript Contents
4. Affiliations of the Manuscripts
5. Added and Modified Chapters
6. Language 46
7. Date and Place of the Translation
8. Characteristics of the Translation
9. The Translator
Notes on the text
Index of Proper Names
Corrigenda for Volumes I and II

About the author: 

Richard Hamer is an Emeritus Student of Christ Church College, Oxford, and former Tutor in English Language and Literature

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