The Practical Playbook: Public Health and Primary Care Together

ISBN : 9780190222147

J. Lloyd Michener; Denise Koo; Brian C. Castrucci; James B. Sprague
400 Pages
182 x 255 mm
Pub date
Nov 2015
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The entrenched separation of primary care and public health in the United States has been damaging and self-perpetuating. As both sectors struggle to meet their own challenges, population health has deteriorated due to their failure to integrate. For the first time, The Practical Playbook offers professionals in primary care and public health a roadmap to integrating their work with the larger goals of population health. Drawing on the experiences of hundreds of public health and primary care professionals from across the US, this book explains: * Why is population health important? * What are the practical steps that clinicians and public health professionals can take to work together to meet the needs of their community? * What are the signs that you're on the right track, and how can progress be sustained? Comprising case studies, practical recommendations, data resources, and commentaries from national leaders on both sides, The Practical Playbook is the new benchmark for primary care and public health practitioners working to improve population health.


Foreword by J. Michael McGinnis
About the editors
Section I: Fundamentals of Partnerships Between Public Health and Primary Care
1. Why a Practical Playbook for Partnerships between Public Health and Primary Care?
Denise Koo, J. Lloyd Michener, James B. Sprague, Brian C. Castrucci
2. The Value of Public Health and Primary Care Partnerships
Brian C. Castrucci, J. Lloyd Michener, Densie Koo, James B. Sprague
Essay I: Primary Care and Public Health: Partners for Population Health
Julie K. Wood
Essay II: The Value of Integration: Public Health, Primary Care, and Beyond
Paul E. Jarris, Katie Sellers
3. Principles of Partnerships Between Public Health and Primary Care
J. Lloyd Michener, Brian C. Castrucci, Denise Koo
4. Stages of Partnerships Between Public Health and Primary Care
J. Lloyd Michener and Brian C. Castrucci
Section II: Working Together
5. How to Have Difficult Conversations
Justine Strand de Oliveira
6. Group Dynamics
Mina Silberberg, Seamus Bhatt-Mackin
7. Pitching Your Project
Justine Strand de Oliveira
8. Positioned for Sustainability
Karen J. Minyard, Amanda Phillips Martinez, Tanisa Adimu
9. The Role of Early Wins in Long-Term Success
Frederick S. Johnson
Essay: The Value of Early Wins in Be Well Lake County
Christina Arnold
10. Challenges of Working Together
Lara Snyder
Essay: Starting Off on the Right Foot: A Communication Strategy Is Essential
Karen Remley
11. Leveraging Media
Kate Reutersward
Section III: Health and Health Care
12. The Practice of Public Health and How It Is Changing
Brian C. Castrucci, Hugh H. Tilson, Denise Koo, Jonathon P. Leider
13. The Changing Landscape of Primary Care
Andrew Bazemore, Russell Phillips, Robert L. Phillips, Jr
14. Addressing Social Determinants of Health
Mina Silberberg and Brian C. Castrucci
Essay: Creating a Culture of Health in Cambridge, MA
Claude-Alix Jacob and Susan Feinberg
15. Community Health Assessments: Past, Present, and Future
Kevin Barnett and Sara Rosenbaum
Essay: Community Health Needs Assessments Benefit Communities and Hospitals Alike
Philip Alberti and Ivy Baer
16. Leveraging the Affordable Care Act for Population Health
Eduardo Sanchez
17. Partnering with Medicaid, Medicare, Public Health, and Primary Care to Improve Health Outcomes
Sharon G. Moffatt, Monica Valdes Lupi, and Kathleen Nolan
18. Working With Accountable Care Organizations
Joanne M. Conroy, Clese Erikson, and Coleen Kivlahan
Essay I: Local Health Departments and a Primary Care Safety Net
Robert M. Pestronk
Essay II: Co-Locating Primary Care and Public Health Services
Michelle J. Lyn
19. Return on Investment and Economic Evaluation
Steven M. Teutsch, Denise Koo, and Scott D. Grosse
Section IV: Working With Data
20. The Promise and Power of Using Data Together
Brian C. Castrucci, Hugh H. Tilson, David A. Ross
21. Working With Data
Mina Silberberg, Denise Koo, and Raymond J. King
22. Metrics: How to Select Them, How to Use Them
Mina Silberberg and Denise Koo
23. Use of Electronic Health Records for Population Health
Denise Koo, Raymond J. King, and Seth Foldy
Essay I: Electronic Health Records: Forging Common Ground for Primary Care and Public Health
Dave Ross
Essay II: Public and Population Health IT in the Age of EHRs and the ACA: Expert Perspectives on Current Trends
John W. Loonsk
24. Using Geographic Health Information Systems (GHIS) for Population Health
Joshua L. Tootoo, Brian C.Castrucci, Pamela Maxson, Michele Casper, and Marie Lynn Miranda
Essay: Shared Space: Using Geography to Identify Relationships and Increase Understanding in Primary Care and Public Health
Robert L. Phillips, Jr. and Andrew Bazemore
25. Data and the Future of Public Health
Jeffrey Engel
Section V: Success Stories
26. San Diego, CA, Promotes Healthy Weight to Improve Community Health DK
Shaila Serpas, Christina Khaokham, Sharon Hillidge, and Virginia Watson
27. Indiana Reduces the Burden of Asthma
Virginia Watson
28. "Top-Down" and "Bottom-Up" Initiatives Create a Comprehensive Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention Program in North Carolina
Virginia Watson
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About the author: 

J. Lloyd Michener, MD, is Professor and Chair of the Department of Community and Family Medicine at the Duke University School of Medicine.; Denise Koo, MD, MPH, is Advisor to the Associate Director for Policy, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.; Brian C. Castrucci, MA, is Chief Program and Strategy Officer at the de Beaumont Foundation.; James B. Sprague, MD, is Chairman of the Board of the de Beaumont Foundation and its founding Chief Executive Officer.

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