Rational Belief: Structure, Grounds, and Intellectual Virtue

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Robert Audi
296 Pages
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Aug 2015
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Rational Belief provides conceptions of belief and knowledge, offers a theory of how they are grounded, and connects them with the will and thereby with action, moral responsibility, and intellectual virtue. A unifying element is a commitment to representing epistemology-which is centrally concerned with belief-as integrated with a plausible philosophy of mind that does justice both to the nature of belief and to the conditions for its formation and regulation. Part One centers on belief and its relation to the will. It explores our control of our beliefs, and it describes several forms belief may take and shows how beliefs are connected with the world outside the mind. Part Two concerns normative aspects of epistemology, explores the nature of intellectual virtue, and presents a theory of moral perception. The book also offers a theory of the grounds of both justification and knowledge and shows how these grounds bear on the self-evident. Rationality is distinguished from justification; each clarified in relation to the other; and the epistemological importance of the phenomenal-for instance, of intuitional experience and other " aspects of mental life-is explored. The final section addresses social epistemology. It offers a theory of testimony as essential in human knowledge and a related account of the rational resolution of disagreements.


Preface and Acknowledgments
Part I. Belief: Its Structure, Content, and Relation to the Will
Chapter 1 Dispositional Beliefs and Dispositions to Believe
Chapter 2 Doxastic Voluntarism and the Ethics of Belief
Chapter 3 Belief: A Study in Form, Content, and Justification
Part II. Normativity and Virtue in Epistemology
Chapter 4 Moral Perception and Moral Knowledge
Chapter 5 Reliability as a Virtue
Chapter 6 Knowledge, Justification, and the Normativity of Epistemology
Part III. Epistemological Internalism and Grounds of Justification and Knowledge
Chapter 7 An Internalist Theory of Normative Grounds
Chapter 8 Theoretical Rationality: Its Sources, Structure, and Scope
Chapter 9 Doxastic Innocence: Phenomenal Conservatism and Epistemological Common Sense
Chapter 10 Skepticism About the A Priori: Self-Evidence, Defeasibility, and Cogito Propositions
Part IV. Social Epistemology
Chapter 11 The Place of Testimony in the Fabric of Knowledge and Justification
Chapter 12 Testimony as a Social Foundation of Knowledge
Chapter 13 The Ethics of Belief and the Morality of Disagreement: Intellectual Responsibility and Rational Disagreement

About the author: 

Robert Audi is an internationally known contributor to epistemology. He has published books and numerous papers in the field, and he lectures widely in epistemology and such related areas as ethical theory and philosophy of action. His epistemological books include The Structure of Justification (1993), The Architecture of Reason (OUP, 2001), Epistemology (3rd edition, 2010), and Moral Perception (2013).

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