Epidemiology and Disease Prevention: A Global Approach (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780199660537

John Yarnell; Dermot O'Reilly
448 Pages
189 x 246 mm
Pub date
May 2013
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Epidemiology is an essential discipline which influences many aspects of clinical practice for doctors, dentists, and other health practitioners. Epidemiology and Disease Prevention, Second Edition, introduces and develops the core principles and practices of epidemiology over three parts: methods of epidemiological enquiry, systems-based epidemiology, and the application of epidemiological findings in clinical and public health practice. This student-friendly textbook guides the reader through the content with the help of illustrations and key points in boxes that highlight need-to-know information. Each chapter references up-to-date and landmark work in the field, while lists of further reading direct the reader to the best sources of information for their own work. Case studies help students to relate epidemiological theory and data to every day clinical practice and public health campaigns. Furthermore, a comprehensive glossary and practice questions with model answers act as an excellent revision resource. The second edition of Epidemiology and Disease Prevention now includes over 100 illustrations and an updated chapter list, including a brand new chapter on global public health in the 21st century. Authored and edited by experts from across the world, this is a truly modern approach to epidemiology for students studying medicine, dentistry, and other health-related sciences.


1. Epidemiology: from Hippocrates to the Human Genome
2. Basic epidemiological tools
3. Epidemiological studies
4. Data analysis in epidemiology
5. Screening for disease
6. Clinical epidemiology and evidence-based medicine
7. Circulatory diseases
8. Respiratory system
9. Nutritional, endocrine, and metabolic diseases
10. Oral health
11. Digestive system
12. Renal disease
13. Neurological diseases
14. Mental disorders
15. Musculoskeletal diseases
16. Maternal and child health
17. Neoplasms
18. Infectious diseases
19. Genetic epidemiology
20. Social, cultural, and behavioural factors in disease
21. Epidemiology in public health practice
22. Global health in the 21st Century

About the author: 

John Yarnell; Dermot O'Reilly

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