Why Millions Survive Cancer: The Successes of Science

ISBN : 9780199658756

Lauren Pecorino
256 Pages
130 x 196 mm
Pub date
Jul 2012
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The enormous recent progress in fighting cancer, and the science behind it, is revealed fully for the first time in this book. The disease affects one in three over a lifetime but today more and more people are surviving as a result of the extraordinary and little known advances of science and medicine. Using scientific evidence from world cancer experts, Lauren Pecorino helps us understand the biology of cancer, the recent trends in cancer progress, and the rationale behind new cancer treatments. With recommendations about lifestyle choices that can help reduce some of the risks of getting cancer, Pecorino looks to the future in our battle with this disease.


1. Introduction to the good news
2. What is cancer?
3. Carcinogens: How they work and our defence against them
4. All we had to do was quit
5. Too much of a good thing
6. The great escape
7. You are what you eat (and do)
8. A fairy tale: Finding the cure to leukemia
9. Cancer screening works
10. Let's talk about it
11. How to starve a tumour
12. A vaccine against cervical cancer
13. A fit like a glove
14. Where do we go from here?

About the author: 

Lauren Pecorino is currently a principal lecturer at the University of Grenwich. She has presented guest lectures in Rome and Palermo, Italy; Istanbul, Turkey; Cairo, Egypt and the USA. She is the author of an international university textbook on the molecular biology of cancer and cancer therapeutics, published by Oxford University Press.

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