The Roman Historical Tradition: Regal and Republican Rome

ISBN : 9780199657858

James H. Richardson; Federico Santangelo
384 Pages
143 x 216 mm
Pub date
Jul 2014
Oxford Readings in Classical Studies
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The study of Regal and Republican Rome presents a difficult and yet exciting challenge. The extant evidence, which for the most part is literary, is late, sparse, and difficult, and the value of it has long been a subject of intense and sometimes heated scholarly discussion. This volume provides students with an introduction to a range of important problems in the study of ancient Rome during the Regal and Republican periods in one accessible collection, bringing together a diverse range of influential papers. Of particular importance is the question of the value of the historiographical evidence (i.e. what the Romans themselves wrote about their past). By juxtaposing different and sometimes incompatible reactions to the evidence, the collection aims to challenge its readers and invite them to join the debate, and to assess the ancient evidence and modern interpretations of it for themselves.


1. The Myth of Romulus and the Origins of Rome
2. Numa and Pythagoras: The Life and Death of a Myth
3. Demaratus and the 'Corinthian' Kings of Rome
4. The Enigma of Servius Tullius
5. The Legend of Lucius Brutus
6. Three Roman Aetiological Myths
7. The Fabii at the River Cremera and the Spartans at Thermopylae
8. Studies in Dionysius of Halicarnassus III: The Agrarian Bill of Spurius Cassius
9. The Roman History of Roman Colonisation
10. The Lex Ouinia and the Emancipation of the Senate
11. Qualis pater, talis filius?
12. Cicero the Historian and Cicero the Antiquarian
13. The Tradition of the Spolia Opima: M. Claudius Marcellus and Augustus

About the author: 

James H. Richardson is Lecturer in Classics at Massey University. He is the author of The Fabii and the Gauls: Studies in Historical Thought and Historiography in Republican Rome and various articles on Roman history.; Federico Santangelo is Lecturer in Ancient History at Newcastle University. He is a graduate of the University of Bologna and University College London. He has published on various aspects of Roman Republican history and is the author of Sulla, the Elites and the Empire: A Study of Roman Policies in Italy and the Greek East (2007) and Divination, Prediction and the End of the Roman Republic (2013).

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