History of Universities: Volume XXVI/1

ISBN : 9780199652068

Mordechai Feingold
280 Pages
143 x 222 mm
Pub date
Feb 2012
History of Universities Series
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Volume XXVI/1 of History of Universities contains the customary mix of learned articles and book reviews which makes this publication such an indispensable tool for the historian of higher education. The volume is, as always, a lively combination of original research and invaluable reference material.


The Magic Word Chymiatria - and the Attractiveness of Medical Education at Marburg, 1608-1620: A somewhat different reflection on attendance
The Invisible Virtuoso: Bengt Skytte and the Royal Society
The Wooden Spoon: Rank (dis)order in Cambridge 1753-1909
A Metropolitan University fit for Empire: the role of private benefaction in the early history of the London School of Economics and Political Science and Imperial College of Science and Technology, 1895-1930
Anthony Grafton & Joanna Weinberg, "I have always loved the Holy Tongue": Isaac Casaubon, the Jews, and a Forgotten Chapter in Renaissance Scholarship
Paul F. Grendler, The University of Mantua, the Gonzaga, and the Jesuits, 1584-1630
Joanna Picciotto, Labors of Innocence in Early Modern England
Roger L. Emerson, Academic Patronage in the Scottish Enlightenment: Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews Universities
Daniele Menozzi and Mario Rosa, eds. La storia della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa: in una prospettiva comparative
Barbara Henry, Daniele Menozzi, & Paolo Pezzino (eds), Le vie della liberta: Maestri e discepoli nel 'laboratorio pisano' tra il 1938 e il 1943

About the author: 

Mordechai Feingold, Professor of History, California Institute of Technology

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