Virtue and Happiness: Essays in Honour of Julia Annas

ISBN : 9780199646050

Rachana Kamtekar
368 Pages
139 x 215 mm
Pub date
Aug 2012
Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy
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Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy is a volume of original articles on all aspects of ancient philosophy. The articles may be of substantial length, and include critical notices of major books. OSAP is now published twice yearly, in both hardback and paperback. 'The serial Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy (OSAP) is fairly regarded as the leading venue for publication in ancient philosophy. It is where one looks to find the state-of-the-art. That the serial, which presents itself more as an anthology than as a journal, has traditionally allowed space for lengthier studies, has tended only to add to its prestige; it is as if OSAP thus declares that, since it allows as much space as the merits of the subject require, it can be more entirely devoted to the best and most serious scholarship.' Michael Pakaluk, Bryn Mawr Classical Review This special volume of Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy presents sixteen specially written essays on virtue and happiness, and the treatment of these topics by thinkers from the fifth century BC to the third century AD. It is published in honour of Julia Annas (University of Arizona)-one of the leading scholars in the field.


1. Introduction
2. Socrates' Refutation of Gorgias: Gorgias 447c-461b
3. Justice Writ Large
4. Plato on the Power of Ignorance
5. The Role of Women in Plato's Republic
6. Justice as a Virtue of the Soul
7. Injury, Injustice, and the Involuntary in the Laws
8. Aristotle's Large-Scale Virtues
9. Did the Stoics Invent Human Rights?
10. Excessiveness and Our Natural Development
11. Chrysippus and the Action Theory of Aristo of Chios
12. How Unified is Stoicism Anyway?
13. Plotinus, Ennead 1.4 as Critique of Earlier Eudaimonism
14. Eudaimonia and Practical Rationality
15. Psychological Eudaimonism and Interpretation in Greek Ethics
16. How (and Maybe Why) to Grieve like an Ancient Philosopher

About the author: 

Rachana Kamtekar, University of Arizona

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