Cyber War versus Cyber Realities: Cyber Conflict in the International System

ISBN : 9780190204792

Brandon Valeriano; Ryan C. Maness
288 Pages
162 x 236 mm
Pub date
Jun 2015
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In 2011, the United States government declared a cyber attack as equal to an act of war, punishable with conventional military means. Cyber operations, cyber crime, and other forms of cyber activities directed by one state against another are now considered part of the normal relations range of combat and conflict, and the rising fear of cyber conflict has brought about a reorientation of military affairs. What is the reality of this threat? Is it actual or inflated, fear or fact-based? Taking a bold stand against the mainstream wisdom, Valeriano and Maness argue that there is very little evidence that cyber war is, or is likely to become, a serious threat. Their claim is empirically grounded, involving a careful analysis of cyber incidents and disputes experienced by international states since 2001, and an examination of the processes leading to cyber conflict. As the authors convincingly show, cyber incidents are a little-used tactic, with low-level intensity and few to no long-term effects. As well, cyber incidents are motivated by the same dynamics that prompt regional conflicts. Based on this evidence, Valeriano and Maness lay out a set of policy recommendations for proper defense against cyber threats that is built on restraint and regionalism.


Chapter 1: The Contours of the Cyber Conflict World
Chapter 2: Cyberpower, Cyber Weapons, and Cyber Operations
Chapter 3: Theories of Cyber Conflict: Restraint, Regionalism, Espionage, and Cyber Terrorism in the Digital Era
Chapter 4: The Dynamics of Cyber Conflict between Rival Antagonists
Chapter 5: The Impact of Cyber Incidents: Events and the Conflict-Cooperation Nexus
Chapter 6: Stuxnet, Shamoon, and Bronze Soldier: The Impact and Responses to Cyber Operations
Chapter 7: Cyber Conflict and Non-State Actors: Weapons of Fear
Chapter 8: Cyber Rules: Encouraging a System of Justice and Proportionality in Cyber Operations
Chapter 9: Conclusion
Tables and Figures

About the author: 

Brandon Valeriano is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Politics and Global Security at the University of Glasgow; Ryan C. Maness is Visiting Fellow of Resilience and Security Studies at Northeastern University.

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