Reflections on How We Live

ISBN : 9780199570362

Annette Baier
288 Pages
161 x 240 mm
Pub date
Jan 2010
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The pioneering moral philosopher Annette Baier presents a series of new and recent essays in ethics, broadly conceived to include both engagements with other philosophers and personal meditations on life. Baier's unique voice and insight illuminate a wide range of topics. In the public sphere, she enquires into patriotism, what we owe future people, and what toleration we should have for killing. In the private sphere, she discusses honesty, self-knowledge, hope, sympathy, and self-trust, and offers personal reflections on faces, friendship, and alienating affection.


1. The rights of past and future generations
2. For the sake of future generations
3. Discriminate death-dealing: who may kill whom, and how?
4. Can philosophers be patriots?
5. Why honesty is a hard virtue
6. Getting in touch with our own feelings
7. How to get to know one's own mind: some simple ways
8. The moral perils of intimacy
9. Feelings that matter
10. Demoralization, trust, and the virtues
11. Sympathy and self trust
12. Putting hope in its place
13. How to lose friends: some simple ways
14. Alienating affection
15. Faces, and other body parts
16. Other minds: jottings towards an intellectual self image

About the author: 

Annette Baier is Professor Emerita of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh.

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