CrimComics: Labeling Theory

ISBN : 9780197619384

Krista Gehring; Micheal Batista
32 Pages
Pub date
Jun 2022
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Criminological theory is a core component of the CJ/crim curriculum; a least one course on the topic is typically required for a four-year degree. But theory can be a dry subject, disconnected from the real world and hard for students to understand or relate to. The proposed project offers a new way to teach this material, engaging students with brief, highly visual illustrated texts. The authors propose a series of 13 "comic books," each issue on a particular type of criminological theory. Each fully illustrated volume will trace the development of the theory, placing it in social and political context, and explain how it applies to the real world. As noted by reviewers, the visual nature of the project, along with the focus on real-world relevance, should be appealing to students while still conveying the key concepts instructors need to impart.

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