International Equilibrium and Bretton Woods: Kalecki's Alternative to Keynes and White and its Consequences

ISBN : 9780192856401

Jerzy Osiatynski; Jan Toporowski
192 Pages
145 x 221 mm
Pub date
Apr 2022
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International Equilibrium and Bretton Woods brings together the papers presented at a special conference of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Bretton Woods Conference. The papers, from a number of distinguished speakers, assess the background and the results of the Bretton Woods agreements. The discussion is focused around the critical assessment of the Keynes and White Plans by Michal Kalecki, and the consequences of this for present-day international economics and international monetary and financial policy. But this volume is unique in bringing together the critical assessments that were made at the time, by Kalecki, Fritz Schumacher, Thomas Balogh, and Raul Prebisch, that are virtually unknown today, together with critical assessments of the work of the Bretton Woods Institutions since that time.


Part I: Bretton Woods and Full Employment: The Kalecki Alternative
1 Jerzy Osiatynski: Kalecki on Full Employment and External Equilibrium
2 Peter Clarke: The Keynes Plan and the White Plan at Bretton Woods
3 Jan Toporowski: The Kalecki Plan
4 Esteban Perez Caldentey and Matias Vernengo: 1. Prebisch's Critique of Bretton Woods Plans, Its Relation to Kalecki and Williams' Ideas
Part II: Kalecki, multilateralism and long-term development
5 Noemi Levy-Orlik: The Rise and Fall of the Bretton Woods System and the Re-emergence of Private Debt in Developing Economies
6 Stephany Griffith-Jones: Long Term Investment and its Financing: the Role of Development Banks
7 Hanna Szymborska and Julio Lopez Gallardo: Do We Need a New Bretton Woods to Tackle the Crisis of Modern Capitalism?
8 Jan Toporowski: International Debt and the Problem of Equilibrium

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