Crystallization via Nonclassical Pathways, Volume 1: Nucleation, Assembly, Observation & Application

ISBN : 9780841298828

Xin Zhang
370 Pages
180 x 260 mm
Pub date
Sep 2021
ACS Symposium Series
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Developments in nonclassical crystallization Crystallization via nonclassical pathways is important during the formation of minerals in nature and has become a popular method to synthesize advanced materials at both lab and industrial scales. Unlike classical crystal growth pathways via monomer-by-monomer addition, crystallization via nonclassical pathways, such as particle-by-particle attachment, can form bigger crystals, faster. Understanding nonclassical crystallization can aid the recognition of geochemical processes in nature and provide new insight into the design and synthesis of novel materials. This book examines topics such as nonclassical nucleation, cluster assembly, particle-based crystallization, crystal formation from amorphous intermedium phases, biomineralization via nonclassical pathways, theoretical developments to simulate nonclassical crystallization, and observation and application of nonclassical crystallization. Experienced researchers can learn more about the development of new techniques, and readers in fields such as energy, catalysis, biomedicine, optics, electrics, and magnetics will find this work useful.


Chapter 1: A Perspective on Multistep Pathways of Nucleation, Jim De Yoreo
Chapter 2: Nonclassical Nucleation, Peter G. Vekilov
Chapter 3: Intraparticle Construction of Fundamental Building Blocks for Multilevel Metal Nanoclusters Protected by Ligands, Yongbo Song, Chuanjun Zhou, and Rongchao Jin
Chapter 4: Progress in Mesocrystal Formation, Julian Brunner and Helmut Colfen
Chapter 5: Theoretical Insight into Thermodynamics of Particle-Based Crystallization, Maria L. Sushko
Chapter 6: Nonclassical Crystallization Observed by Liquid-Phase Transmission Electron Microscopy, Chang Liu, Zihao Ou, Shan Zhou, and Qian Chen
Chapter 7: Revealing Nonclassical Nucleation Pathways Using Cryogenic Electron Microscopy, Alana F. Ogata, Giulia Mirabello, Alexander M. Rakowski, and Joseph P. Patterson
Chapter 8: Exploring Particle Aggregation Using Small Angle Scattering Techniques, Lawrence M. Anovitz and Javen Weston
Chapter 9: Insights into the Nonclassical Crystallization of M(II) in the Biomineralization Process, Faqin Dong, Meirong Zong, Xiaoqin Nie, Lei Zhou, Mingxue Liu, Qunwei Dai, Zhenzhen Lv, Fei Zheng, Xue Xia, Yuheng Chen, and Bowen Li
Chapter 10: Nucleation and Growth of Crystal on a Substrate Surface: Structure Matching at the Atomistic Level, Xiancai Lu, Chi Zhang, Xiangjie Cui, Tingting Zhu, and Meirong Zong
Chapter 11: Surfactant Assisted Crystallization of Porphyrin Molecules for Well-Defined Nanocrystals, Liang Wang and Feng Bai
Chapter 12: Crystallization of Ionically Bonded Organic Metal Halide Hybrids, Sujin Lee, Chenkun Zhou, Haoran Lin, Azza Ben-Akacha, and Biwu Ma
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About the author: 

Xin Zhang received his doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas Tech University in 2014. Currently, he is a staff scientist in the Physical Science Division at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. His research focuses on materials synthesis, surface science, and crystal growth-particularly on exploring the nucleation, crystallization, dissolution, and phase transformation of nanocrystals in various environments using different in situ and ex situ techniques. He has authored over 100 publications in peer reviewed journals including Science, PNAS, and JACS. He has also authored 10 patents and several book chapters.

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