Essential Notes in Pain Medicine

ISBN : 9780198799443

Enrique Collantes Celador; Jan Rudiger; Alifia Tameem
752 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jan 2022
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Essential Notes in Pain Medicine is a key resource for candidates preparing for postgraduate pain medicine examinations. Mapped to the syllabus for the Fellowship of the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (FFPMRCA)this resource ensures readers have all the information needed to review the subject. Written by a multidisciplinary team of over 70 international contributors, this resource provides high-quality, up-to-date guidance on 247 topics such as pain assessment, pain physiology, pain interventions, the role of psychology and physiotherapy and many more. Information is presented in concise note form with bullet points, tables, and diagrams, making revising and retaining key facts easier and quicker. References to evidence-based guidelines and directions to further reading allow for identification of areas for further study.


Section 1 - Overview of Pain
1 Sabina Bachtold, Enrique Collantes, Praveen Ganty, Yehia Kamel, Gustav Jirikowksi, Deepak Ravindran, Jan Rudiger, Alifia Tameem, and John Tanner: Types of Pain and Pain Assessment
Section 2 - Pain Physiology
2 Enrique Collantes, Gustav Jirikowski, Paolo Pais, Deepak Ravindran, Jan Rudiger, and Maria Stasiowska: Pain Pathways
3 Ramy Mottaleb, Nofil Mulla, and Maria Stasiowska: Neurotransmitters and receptors
4 Bethany Fitzmaurice, Senthil Jayaseelan, Gustav Jirikowski, Sandeep Kapur, and Manish Mittal: Neurobiology of Pain
Section 3 - Pharmacology
5 Nishi Patel and Kathleen Shelley: Basic Principles of Pharmacology
6 Enrique Collantes, Kavita Poply, and Jan Rudiger: Local anaesthetics
7 Enrique Collantes, Praveen Ganty, James Jack, Jonathan Norman, and Jan Rudiger: Opioids
8 Peter Keogh: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and paracetamol
9 Mohammed Sajad and Alifia Tameem: Anticonvulsants
10 Hadi Bedran, Enrique Collantes, and Peter Keogh: Antidepressants
11 Hadi Bedran: Neurolytic agents
12 Sadiq Bhayani, Bethany Fitzmaurice, and Alifia Tameem: Corticosteroids
13 Hadi Bedran, Udaya Chakka, Bethany Fitzmaurice, Praveen Ganty, James Jack, Peter Keogh, Arumugam Pitchiah, Kavita Poply, Manamohan Rangaiah, Jan Rudiger, Maria Stasioska, and Alifia Tameem: Miscellaneous
14 Sabina Bachtold, Rahul Guru, Katharine Howells, James Jack, Sandeep Kapur, Jan Rudiger: Clinical pharmacology
Section 4 - Pain interventions
15 Adnan Al-Kaisy, Simon Braude, Enrique Collantes, Sumit Gulati, Ashok Puttapa, Jan Rudiger, Haggai Sharon, and Alifia Tameem: Overview of interventions
16 Ann-Katrin Fritz and Jan Rudiger: Head and Neck
17 Laura Beard, Mohamed Dorgham, Rahul Guru, Doug Stangoe, and Alifia Tameem: Thorax and abdomen
18 Sadiq Bhayani, Yehia Kamel, Bhavesh Raithatha, Jan Rudiger, and Tom Smith: Lumbar and pelvis
19 Ann-Katrin Fritz, Rahul Guru, Gustav Jirikowski, Bhavesh Raithatha, Subramanian Ramani, and Jan Rudiger: Autonomic nervous system
20 Sangeeta Das, Gustav Jirikowski, Yehia Kamel, Deepak Malik, Manish Mittal, Yin Yee Ng, Stefano Palmisani, David Pang, Jan Rudiger, Athmaja Thottungal: Spinal cord and neuromodulation
21 Erlick AC Perreira: Surgical techniques
22 Hadi Bedran, Sadiq Bhayani, Bill Clark, Llya Kantsedikas, Andrzej Krol, Attam Singh, and John Tanner: Miscellaneous interventions
Section 5 - Clinical
23 Owen Bodycombe, Enrique Collantes, Mohammed Dorgham, Bethany Fitzmaurice, Rahul Guru, Yehia Kamel, Sandeep Kapur, Nofill Mulla, Paolo Pais, Arumugam Pitchiah, Shankar Ramaswamy, Jan Rudiger, Tom Smith , Athmaja Thottungal, and Ivan Wong: Musculoskeletal pain conditions
24 Sabina Bachtold, Owen Bodycombe, Sumit Gulati, Rajesh Gupta, Rahul Guru, Nofill Mulla, Ashok Puttapa, Erlick AC Perreira, , Jan Rudiger, Tom Smith, Kantaruby Tambirajoo, Alifia Tameem, Athmaja Thottungal: Neuropathic pain conditions
25 Sian Griffith: Rheumatological conditions
26 Enrique Collantes, Paolo Pais, Jan Rudiger, and Athmaja Thottungal: Visceral pain conditions
27 Enrique Collantes, Nofill Mulla, Kavita Poply: Widespread chronic pain
28 Enrique Collantes, Anthony Gubbay, Sumit Gulati, Sarah Harper, Tommy Lwin, Nofill Mulla, Paolo Pais, David Pang, Shankar Ramaswamy, Jan Rudiger, Kantaruby Tambirajoo, Victoria Winter, and Ivan Wong: Other pain conditions
Section 6 - Cancer and Pain
29 Kasia Chmiel, Mahesh Choudhari, Alix Dumitrescu, Yehia Kamel, Ashok Puttapa, and Alifia Tameem: Cancer and Pain
Section 7 - Psychology of pain medicine
30 Sabina Bachtold, Caroline Burrow, Rahul Guru, and Karen LeMarchand: Psychology and Pain
Section 8 - Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
31 Rebecca Pardoe and Fiona Thomas: Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
Section 9 - Epidemiology & Statistics
32 Sabina Bachtold, D. Pang, and Alifia Tameem: Epidemiology & Statistics

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