Critical Care Psychology and Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice

ISBN : 9780190077013

Kirk J. Stucky; Jennifer Stevenson Jutte
432 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Dec 2021
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The primary focus of critical care is doing everything necessary to save lives. With so many things to manage, it comes as no surprise that the complex, multi-layered issues faced by critical illness survivors cannot be managed by intensive care specialists alone. Critical Care Psychology and Rehabilitation provides insight into holistic care of survivors. Written by leading experts, the book builds upon current literature and illustrates the benefits of integrating psychological and rehabilitation techniques throughout the care continuum. Chapters include summaries of treatment techniques, developments in intensive care settings, support and training for staff, and opportunities for further research. Although all chapters are relevant to contemporary psychology practice, the book is written in a style that is accessible to a wide audience of physicians, nurses, and other health professionals. Critical Care Psychology and Rehabilitation offers tools to improve the quality of intensive and post intensive care, with positive outcomes for patients, families, and caregivers.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Critical Care Psychology and Rehabilitation
Kirk J. Stucky and Jennifer Stevenson Jutte

Chapter 2: In a Split Second One Patient's Perspective of a Life Changed by Critical Illness
Eileen Rubin
Chapter 3: Critical Care, Psychology, and Rehabilitation: Integrative Aspirations
Kirk J. Stucky
Chapter 4: Contributions to Critical Care from Psychological Science and Practice
Nancy Merbitz, Joan Fleishman, Hannah Kamsky, Stephanie Sundborg, Jamie Lynne Tingey, Nancy Ciccolella, and Ann Marie Warren

Chapter 5: Psychological Morbidity after Critical Illness
O. Joseph Bienvenu and Megan M. Hosey
Chapter 6: Neurocognitive Disorders
Ramona O. Hopkins and Kirk J. Stucky
Chapter 7: The Psychologist's Role in Pain Management in the ICU
Christina J. Hayhurst and Mina Nordness
Chapter 8: Psychological Considerations in the Intersection of Infectious Disease with Critical Care Medicine
Julie Highfield, Matt Morgan, and Paul Twose

Chapter 9: Unique Considerations for Psychologists Working in Pediatric Critical Care
Crystal Cederna-Meko, Shannon L. Dennis, and Rebecca E.H. Ellens
Chapter 10: Caring for Older Adults During and After Critical Illness
Maria C. Duggan, Julie Van, and E. Wesley Ely
Chapter 11: Psychopharmacology in the Critical Care Setting
Sandeep Nayak, Jonathan Brigham, Ted Avi Gerstenblith, and Elizabeth Prince
Chapter 12: Family and Psychosocial Considerations In Critical Care
Macarena Galvez Herrer, Judy E. Davidson, and Gabriel Heras La Calle
Chapter 13: Psychological Treatment Models for Survivors of Critical Illness: An Early Overview and Reflection on Future Directions
Caroline L. Lassen-Greene, James C. Jackson, and Carla M. Sevin
Chapter 14: Systemic Factors Impacting Mortality and End-of-Life Issues in Critical Care
Leo C. Mercer, Valerie Canary, and Michelle Maxson
Chapter 15: Ethical Considerations in Psychological Consultation to Critical Care Settings
Alan Lewandowski, Brighid Fronapfel, Jack Spector, Kirk Szczepkowski, and Scott Davidson
Chapter 16: Research in the Critical Care Environment
Dorothy Wade, Deborah Smyth, and David C.J. Howell

Chapter 17: Future Directions for Psychology in Critical Care
Dorothy Wade and Julie Highfield
Appendix A: Trauma Informed Care Practices in the ICU
Appendix B: Critical Care Resources
Appendix C: Anxiety Management and Ventilator Liberation Strategies

About the author: 

Dr. Kirk J. Stucky is Chair of the Department of Behavioral Health at Hurley Medical Center and Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at Michigan State University. Dr. Jennifer Stevenson Jutte is in independent practice in the greater Seattle area and has been on faculty at the Johns Hopkins and University of Washington Medical Centers.

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