A Journey toward Influential Scholarship: Insights from Leading Management Scholars

ISBN : 9780190070724

Xiao-Ping Chen; Kevin H. Steensma
312 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Oct 2021
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Retrospective accounts of the careers of twelve prominent management scholars The field of academic management is more competitive than ever before. Moreover, scholars have to deal with rapid advances in technology and an increasingly globalized discipline. But, for those who are prepared, there are also great opportunities to generate new and noteworthy scholarship. In this book, Xiao-Ping Chen and Kevin H. Steensma bring together the wisdom of some of the most prominent voices in the field to show how to develop influential research and succeed in the world of management studies. In A Journey toward Influential Scholarship, twelve prominent management scholars provide retrospective accounts of their professional journeys. These specialists share how they originated, developed, and published their research, as well as the mistakes they made along the way. Their stories offer insights to new scholars, including how to properly observe organizational phenomena, how to ask important research questions, and how to transform these questions into potentially fruitful areas of research. The book also provides useful strategies for developing collaborative relationships, managing the peer review and publication process, and disseminating findings. In combination, the essays provide scholars with an array of pathways for turning research into influential scholarship. More broadly, this is an essential guide for how to pursue a successful career in the field of management.


List of Contributors
Opening Remarks: What is Influential Management Research and Why is it Important?
Xiao-Ping Chen and Kevin H. Steensma
Chapter 1: Why the Heck Did That Happen?: The Alchemy of Theory-Building
Blake E. Ashforth
Chapter 2: Cultural Intelligence: Two Bowls Singing
Soon Ang
Chapter 3: Making Sense of a Seemingly Random Walk: A Path Toward Interdisciplinary Scholarship, and How to Avoid the Pitfalls Along the Way
James D. Westphal
Chapter 4: What I Have Learned in My Journey as a Scholar
Sigal Goland Barsade
Chapter 5: From One Empirical Paper to One Hundred and Fifty: Performance Feedback Research
Henrich R. Greve
Chapter 6: Embedded Entrepreneurship
Olav Sorenson
Chapter 7: My Journey with Justice: Brainstorming About Scholarly Influence and Longevity
Jason A. Colquitt
Chapter 8: Careers as Stochastic Excursions: A Personal Confession
Hayagreeva Rao
Chapter 9: Building a Systematic Program of Research into Employee Creativity and Innovation
Jing Zhou
Chapter 10: Fostering Enterprise: The Journey as the Destination
Rajshree Agarwal
Chapter 11: Tales from a Late Bloomer: Ten Principles for Influential Scholarship
Sandra L. Robinson
Chapter 12: Messages to My Younger Self
Anita M. McGahan
Toward a Process Model for Influential Scholarship: A Synopsis and Integration of Our Contributors' Stories
Kevin Steensma and Xiao-Ping Chen

About the author: 

Xiao-Ping Chen is Philip M. Condit Endowed Chair Professor of Management in the Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington. Kevin H. Steensma is Michael G. Foster Endowed Professor of Management in the Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington.

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