Liaquat Ali Khan: His Life and Work

ISBN : 9780199402212

Muhammad Reza Kazimi
372 Pages
138 x 216 mm
Pub date
Jan 2022
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Liaquat Ali Khan (1895-1951) was among the founding fathers of Pakistan. His contribution to the creation and consolidation of Pakistan has been immense. Yet the fact that no biography of this first Prime Minister of Pakistan and the last Honorary Secretary of the Muslim League has ever been written in English shows how far his role has been neglected. This book has the distinction of being the first biography of this historic figure. Based on primary and unpublished material including the Jinnah-Liaquat Correspondence, The All-India Muslim League Papers, and The Shamsul Hasan Collection, this book contains many interesting disclosures, notably about the Desai-Liaquat talks, Liaquats hostility to the British War efforts, and the economic imperatives of the 1947 Poor Mans Budget. This will be essential reading for all those who are interested in the recorded history of Pakistan.


Preface to the 2003 Edition
Preface to the Golden Jubilee Edition

PART I: The Formative Years
1. Early Life and Career
2. The Office of the Honorary Secretary of the Muslim League
3. Liaquat and the Muslim League—I

PART II: The Freedom Struggle
4. Liaquat and the Muslim League—II
5. The Desai-Liaquat Proposals
6. Liaquat and the Cabinet Mission
7. Liaquat and the Interim Government
8. Liaquat's Budget 1947
9. Liaquat and the Partition of India

PART III: As Prime Minister
10. The Prime Minister
11. Foreign Affairs: The Soviet Bloc
12. The Western Bloc
13. Kashmir
14. The Domestic Scene
15. The Economy


About the author: 

Dr Muhammad Reza Kazimi (b. Bombay, 1945) is Editor, Historicus: Quarterly Journal of the Pakistan Historical Society. He has taught Islamic History and Pakistan Studies since 1970 and continues to supervise doctoral research at the University of Karachi. His publications include Liaquat Ali Khan: His Life and Work (OUP, 2003); A Concise History of Pakistan (OUP, 2009), Pakistan Studies (OUP, 2006), The Blood of Husayn (Peace Publications, 2011), and M.A. Jinnah: The Outside View (Peace Publications, 2020). His edited works include Jinnah-Liaquat Correspondence (PSC, 2003) and M.A. Jinnah Views & Reviews (OUP, 2005). He is also a literary critic with publications in Urdu.

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