Oxford Desk Reference Nephrology (2nd edition)

ISBN : 9780198777182

Jonathan Barratt; Peter Topham; Sue Carr; Mustafa Arici; Simon Liew
848 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Jul 2021
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In this era of evidence-based medicine, one of the biggest challenges confronting clinicians is keeping abreast with often rapidly changing recommendations that guide clinical practice. This new edition of The Oxford Desk Reference in Nephrology is designed to overcome this problem. The editors have produced a comprehensive summary of nephrology which focuses on aspects of renal disease that are important to the clinician and have brought together the key recommendations found in current evidence-based guidelines and presented them in a uniform and accessible format. It has been designed and written so that locating information is both quick and simple, and the layout of the chapters allows the reader to identify and assimilate information rapidly. Fully updated, with new chapters covering developments in nephrological practice, in particular a section on Covid 19 and the kidneys, this Desk Reference is an important addition to the armamentarium for nephrology trainees, and consultants as well as trainees in general medicine.


1 General Considerations in patients with renal disease
2 Hypertension
3 Fluid and electrolyte disorders
4 Glomerular disease
5 Tubular and Interstitial disease
6 The kidney in systemic disease
7 Diabetes and the Kidney
8 Infection and the kidney
9 Inherited renal disease
10 Pregnancy and the kidney
11 The child with kidney disease
12 Acute kidney injury (AKI)
13 Chronic kidney disease (CKD)
14 Management of advanced CKD
15 Renal transplantation
16 Urological aspects of renal disease
1 Anatomy of the kidney and nephron
2 Calculations for acid-base balance and extracellular fluid volume
3 Calculations of the glomerular filtration rate
4 Relationship of glomerular filtration rate with age
5 Calculations of dialysis adequacy
6 Classification of chronic kidney disease
7 Internet resources
8 Professional societies
9 Clinical practice guidelines and renal registries
10 Information resources for professionals
11 Information resources for patients and carers
12 Patient counseling tools
13 Biochemistry conversion table

About the author: 

Professor Barratt has been a Consultant Nephrologist for the past 15 years working across all aspects of nephrology but with a clinical and research interest in glomerular disease. He leads the Renal Research Group within the College of Life Sciences, University of Leicester and his research is focussed on a bench to bedside approach to improving our understanding of the pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy a common global cause of kidney failure.; Peter Topham has been a consultant nephrologist for 20 years working in a UK teaching hospital renal unit. He has worked across all aspects of nephrology but has a particular clinical and research interest in renal transplantation, ANCA-associated vasculitis and lupus, glomerular disease, and hypertension.; Professor Carr has been a Consultant Nephrologist for 25 years working across all aspects of clinical nephrology with an interest in cardiovascular disease, pregnancy and renal transplantation. She has a broad experience of clinical research and an interest in medical education and training.; Mustafa ARICI, MD. is a Professor of Medicine (Nephrology) at Hacettepe University in Ankara-TURKEY. He is a member of the Science Academy of TURKEY, Secretary General to Turkish Society of Nephrology, Executive Committee Member of KDIGO and Registry Committee Member of ERA-EDTA. His main research interests are concentrated on chronic kidney disease and hypertension with a special focus on mechanisms involved in progression of kidney disease, albuminuria and fibrosis, cardiovascular risks and complications in CKD and dialysis, epidemiology of hypertension and cardiorenal risks of sodium consumption. He is the author of over 150 original contributions and review articles, as well as author/editor of several books in internal medicine and nephrology.; Dr Adrian Liew is a Senior Consultant Nephrologist who holds multiple leadership positions in various international societies and organizations. He has been involved in the development and improvement of renal programs, focusing on glomerular diseases and peritoneal dialysis initiatives, in several low-resource countries and has spearheaded various educational programs in these regions. He is also part of the Steering Committee, national leader and investigator for multiple global clinical trials on glomerular diseases, peritoneal dialysis and diabetic kidney disease.

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