COVID's Impact on Health and Healthcare Workers

ISBN : 9780197575390

Don Goldenberg
192 Pages
140 x 210 mm
Pub date
Jul 2021
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COVID's Impact on Health and Healthcare Workers highlights the most critical issues in COVID-19's impact on healthcare providers and on hospitals. This includes factors associated with disease severity, hospitalizations and death and the effect on other medical conditions. The book explores changes brought about during the pandemic to primary and specialty care, including the rapid employment of telemedicine and the many innovations in care delivery. Special attention is given to the role of myths and misinformation and its resultant adverse blow to the nation's recovery. COVID's long-range effects, both on previously infected patients and also on the general population, are reviewed. A number of recommendations to best move forward, including with vaccine allocation and preventing further devastation, are outlined.


Chapter 1. COVID-19 Infection
Chapter 2. Risk Factors
Chapter 3. Impact on Healthcare Workers and Hospitals
Chapter 4. Impact on Primary Care and Specialty Care
Chapter 5. Telemedicine
Chapter 6. COVID-19 Truths, Lies and Consequences
Chapter 7. Persistent Medical Problems
Chapter 8. The Way Forward

About the author: 

Don Goldenberg is Emeritus Professor of Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine and Adjunct Faculty in the Departments of Medicine & Nursing at Oregon Health Sciences.

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