Psychological and Psychiatric Issues in Patients with Chronic Pain

ISBN : 9780197544631

Daniel M. Doleys
272 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jun 2021
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Part of the What Do I Do Now? Pain Medicine series, Psychological and Psychiatric Issues in Patients with Chronic Pain presents a variety of succinct case studies and "curb-side" consults on the complexity of chronic pain and its successful management. Chapters present models for understanding issues related to chronic pain within a psycho-social context, including cases on specific psychological or psychiatric issues, as well as broad considerations such as selecting among behavioral therapies options and the use of complementary therapies and non-opioid analgesics. Recognizing that most clinicians do not always have the time or resources to conduct the type of psychological assessment that each case may require, chapters focus on the key elements of each diagnosis, covering background information, assessment approach, treatment recommendations, and key points to remember.


Scope and Complexities of the Clinical Issues
1 A Broken Life
2 Haunted by Pain, Fatigue, and Insomnia
3 The Hand That Wouldn't Move
4 Something Doesn't Seem Right
5 How Many More Are There?
6 How Can Someone Do This to Themselves?
7 An All- Consuming Problem
8 Psychologically Immobilized and Functionally Paralyzed
9 The What If and Yes But Syndrome
10 The Patient Who Remembers Tomorrow
11 Please, Find It and Fix It
12 The Unseen Reality
13 There Are Not Enough Sheep
14 The Easy but Harmful Solution
15 Is This All There Is?
16 No Way That's My Drug Screen
17 The Abandoned Patient
18 The Not-So-Perfect Remedy
19 Teenager With Disabling Leg Pain
20 Psychogenic Pain: A Useful Concept?
21 Psychological/ Behavioral Therapies
22 The Psychology of Opioid Tapering

About the author: 

Daniel M. Doleys, PhD, is the director of The Doleys Clinic/Pain and Rehabilitation Institute in Birmingham, Alabama. Prior to private practice, he was an Associate Professor of Psychology in the School of Medicine at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. He is the recipient of the Distinguished Research Psychologist Award from the Alabama Psychological Association, the Excellence in Research and Clinical Care Award, the Distinguished Service Award, and the Dr. Hubert L. and Renee S. Rosomoff Award for Excellence in Pain from the from the Southern Pain Society.

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