Genre and Extravagance in the Novel: Lower Frequencies

ISBN : 9780192897763

Jed Rasula
264 Pages
156 x 234 mm
Pub date
Jul 2021
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This book addresses an anomaly in the novel as genre: the generic promise to readers-that "reading a novel" is a familiar and repeatable experience-is challenged by the extravagant exceptions to this rule. Furthermore, these exceptions (such as Moby-Dick, Ulysses, or To the Lighthouse) are sui generis, hybrid concoctions that cannot be said to be typical novels. The novel, then, as literary form, succeeds by extravagantly disregarding or even disavowing the protocols of its own genre. Examining a number of famous examples from Don Quixote to Nostromo, this book offers an anatomy of exceptions that illustrate the structural role of their exceptionality for the prestige of the novel as literary form.


1 Genre and Extravagance
2 When the Exception is the Rule
3 Textual Indigence in the Archive
4 Fairy Tale Epic
5 Vessels of Consciousness
6 Armed With Madness
7 Ruminant Curiosity
8 Nietzsche in the Nursery

About the author: 

Jed Rasula is Helen S. Lanier Distinguished Professor at the University of Georgia. He is author of nine scholarly books and three books of poetry, as well as co-editor of two anthologies. His research focuses on modernism across the arts, jazz history, modern and contemporary poetry, eco-poetics, and esoteric language practices.

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