Savoring God: Comparative Theopoetics

ISBN : 9780190907365

Gloria Maite Hernandez
256 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Sep 2021
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Savoring God is a comparative study that examines the creative interaction of poetry and theology in two mystical poems central to the Christian and the Hindu traditions, the sixteenth-century Spanish Cantico espiritual (Spiritual Canticle), by Saint John of the Cross, and the Sanskrit Rasa Lila (Dance of Love), which originated in the oral tradition. Alongside the poems, Gloria Maite Hernandez examines theological commentaries on the texts: the Comentarios, written by Saint John of the Cross on his own poem, and the foundational commentary on the Rasa Lila by Sridhara Swami as well as commentaries by the sixteenth-century theologian Jiva Goswami, from the Gauiyya Vaisnava school, and other Gaudiya theologians. The phrase "savoring God" conveys the Spanish gustar a Dios (to savor God) and the Sanskrit madhura bhakti rasa (the sweet savor of divine love). In the Christian and Hindu commentaries these two concepts describe a way of approaching the poems that is simultaneously vulnerable to the emotions evoked by the poetical imagery and responsive to its theological demands. While "savoring" does not mean the precisely the same thing to the Christian and the Hindu theologians, Hernandez demonstrates that both traditions interpret the term to suggest poetry's power in mediating an encounter with the divine.


Note on Translation and Citation
Introduction: Reading between Granada and Vrndavana
Chapter 1 Savoring Theopoetics
Chapter 2 Absent and Present
Chapter 3 Sensorial Theopoetics
Chapter 4 Secretly Together
Conclusions Reading, Comparing, and Savoring
List of Works Cited
Spanish Glossary
Sanskrit Glossary
General Bibliography

About the author: 

Gloria Maite Hernandez is an Associate Professor of Spanish at West Chester University.

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