Cover Point: Impressions of Leadership in Pakistan

ISBN : 9780190704247

Jamsheed Marker
218 Pages
138 x 216 mm
Pub date
Jan 2022
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Jamsheed Marker's lifetime in the diplomatic service of Pakistan gave him a unique vintage point. In cricket terms, he was at cover point, near enough to the wicket to follow the action around the stumps...yet sufficiently distant for a general overview of the state of play. Unlike his previously published book Quiet Diplomacy: Memoirs of an Ambassador of Pakistan (OUP, 2010), which is a rich history of his many ambassadorial assignments, Cover Point covers Marker's impressions of Pakistans most powerful leaders. With the exception of the incorruptible Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his lieutenant Liaquat Ali Khan, all of Pakistans leaders succumbed, in increasingly pernicious fashion, to the malign and pervasive influences of sycophancy and flattery. This work relates the first-hand impressions of the author which he garnered during his illustrious career, starting with Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah up until the rule of General Pervez Musharraf.


Recollections and Reflections

1. The Early Days
2. Quaid-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan: 1947–1951
3. Years of Liberty and Public Cheer: 1951–1958
4. Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan: 1958–1969
5. General Agha Mohammed Yahya Khan: 1969–1971
6. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto: 1971–1977
7. General Mohammad Zia ul-Haq: 1977–1988
8. Muhammad Khan Junejo: 1985–1988
9. Zia ul-Haq: May–August 1988
10. Ghulam Ishaq Khan: 1988–1993
11. Moeenuddin Qureshi: July 1993–November 1993
12. Benazir Bhutto: 1988–1990; 1993–1996
13. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif: 1990–1993; 1997–1999
14. General Pervez Musharraf: 1999–2008


About the author: 

Jamsheed Marker (1922-2018) was a distinguished veteran Pakistani diplomat from a well-known Parsee family of Quetta and Karachi. Born in 1922 at Hyderabad Deccan, India, he received his education from the Doon School, Dehradun and Forman Christian College, Lahore. During the Second World War he served as an officer in the Royal Indian Naval Volunteer Reserve. When the war ended, Marker joined his family business. He served on the boards of several public and private corporations in banking, insurance, and shipping. In April 1965, Marker was appointed as high commissioner of Pakistan to Ghana. Over a 42-year diplomatic career, Mr Marker served as ambassador continuously in ten posts, including in the US (1986-1989) and at the UN (1990-1994). In 1986, as ambassador to the US, he helped negotiate the Soviet military withdrawal from Afghanistan. At the UN, he served as Chair, Security Council; Special Advisor to the Secretary General Kofi Annan; and Special Envoy to East Timor in 1999.

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