Health Politics in Europe: A Handbook

ISBN : 9780198860525

Ellen M. Immergut; Karen M. Anderson; Camilla Devitt; Tamara Popic
976 Pages
171 x 246 mm
Pub date
Jun 2021
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Health Politics in Europe: A Handbook is a major new reference work, which provides historical background and up-to-date information and analysis on health politics and health systems throughout Europe. In particular, it captures developments that have taken place since the end of the Cold War, a turning point for many European health systems, with most post-communist transition countries privatizing their state-run health systems, and many Western European health systems experimenting with new public management and other market-oriented health reforms. Following three introductory, stage-setting chapters, the handbook offers country cases divided into seven regional sections, each of which begins with a short regional outlook chapter that highlights the region's common characteristics and divergent paths taken by the separate countries, including comparative data on health system financing, healthcare access, and the political salience of health. Each regional section contains at least one detailed main case, followed by shorter treatments of the other countries in the region. Country chapters feature a historical overview focusing on the country's progression through a series of political regimes and the consequences of this history for the health system; an overview of the institutions and functioning of the contemporary health system; and a political narrative tracing the politics of health policy since 1989. This political narrative, the core of each country case, examines key health reforms in order to understand the political motivations and dynamics behind them and their impact on public opinion and political legitimacy. The handbook's systematic structure makes it useful for country-specific, cross-national, and topical research and analysis.


Part I: Introduction
1 Ellen M. Immegut: Health Politics Today
2 1. Simone M. Schneider, Ave Roots, and Katharina Rathmann: Health Outcomes and Health Inequalities
3 Diana Burlacu and Andra Roescu: Public Opinion and Healthcare Attitudes
Part II: Ireland and the UK
4 Jane Gingrich and Scott L. Greer: Regional Outlook: Ireland and the UK
5 Camilla Devitt: Ireland
6 Jane Gingrich and Scott L. Greer: 1. The UK: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
Part III: The Nordic Countries
7 Ellen M. Immergut and Maria Oskarson: Regional Outlook: The Nordic Countries
8 Paula Blomqvist and Ulrika Winblad: Sweden
9 Karsten Vrangbaek: Denmark
10 Liina-Kaisa Tynkkynen, Meri Koivusalo and Ilmo Keskimaki: Finland
11 Mi Ah Schoyen: Norway
Part IV: Southern Europe
12 Elisa Chulia and Karen M. Anderson: Regional Outlook: Southern Europe
13 Maria Asensio: Portugal
14 Franca Maino and Federico Razetti: Italy
15 Elisa Chulia: Spain
16 Ilias Kyriopoulos and Elias Mossialos: Greece
17 1. Mamas Theodorou and Kostas Athanasakis: Cyprus
Part V: The Baltic Countries
18 Mare Ainsaar and Ave Roots: Regional Outlook: The Baltic Countries
19 Mare Ainsaar, Ave Roots, and Juri Kore: Estonia
20 Edgars Eihmanis: Latvia
21 Liubovė
Murauskienė: Lithuania
Part VI: Continental Europe
22 Ellen M. Immergut: Regional Outlook: Continental Europe
23 Ellen M. Immergut and Claus Wendt: Germany
24 Karen M. Anderson and Ruud J. van Druenen: The Netherlands
25 Matthias Brunn and Patrick Hassenteufel: France
26 Julia Lynch and Chris Vermorken: Belgium
27 Anja Leist: Luxembourg
28 Carina Diesenreiter and Claus Wendt: Austria
29 Christian Ruefli: Switzerland
Part VII: Central Eastern Europe
30 Tamara Popic: Regional Outlook: Central Eastern Europe
31 Tamara Popic: Czech Republic
32 Maria Eva Foldes: Hungary
33 Tamara Popic: Poland
34 Tamara Popic: Slovakia
35 Tamara Popic: Slovenia
Part VIII: Southern Eastern Europe
36 Tamara Popic and Guergana Stolarov-Demuth: Regional Outlook: Southern Eastern Europe
37 Guergana Stolarov-Demuth: Bulgaria
38 Mirza Balaj: Albania
39 Diana Burlacu and Alexandru Daniel Moise: Romania
40 Tamara Popic and Natalija Periśić: Former Yugoslavia
41 Tamara Popic: Croatia
42 Tamara Popic: Serbia
43 Natalija Periśić: Montenegro
44 Simonida Kacarska and Neda Milevska Kostova: North Macedonia
45 Jasmin Hasić: Bosnia and Herzegovina
46 Arta Uka: Kosovo

About the author: 

Ellen M. Immergut is Professor of Political Science and Head of the Department of Political and Social Science at the European University Institute. She has published on health politics, pension politics, and more generally on welfare state reform and institutionalist theory. She served as Project Leader for the HEALTHDOX Project on the Paradox of Healthcare Futures and as Scientific Programme Coordinator for the transnational research program Welfare State Futures (WSF), which was launched by the New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Co-operation in Europe (NORFACE).; Karen M. Anderson is Associate Professor of Social Policy at University College Dublin. Her research focuses on comparative social policy development, the interaction of labor market policy and social policy, and the impact of Europeanization on national welfare states. She is the author of Social Policy in the European Union (Palgrave, 2015) and the editor (with Ellen M. Immergut and Isabelle Schulze) of the Handbook of West European Pension Politics (Oxford University Press, 2007). Her work has also appeared in Comparative Politics, the Journal of European Public Policy, and the Journal of Public Policy. ; Camilla Devitt is Assistant Professor in the Sociology Department, Trinity College Dublin. She has published on labor immigration and on immigration, integration, labor market, and social policies in Western Europe. Her work has appeared in Social Politics, the Journal of European Social Policy, and the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies amongst others. She has been a principal investigator in various European projects, most recently in the NORFACE-funded HEALTHDOX: The Paradox of Health State Futures project. ; Tamara Popic is a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute and was a postdoctoral researcher for the NORFACE Welfare State Futures project HEALTHDOX: The Paradox of Health State Futures at the University of Lisbon. Popic has published on health politics and public attitudes toward healthcare in Health Policy, the Journal of European Social Policy, the Journal of Social Policy, and Social Policy & Administration. Her first research monograph, Health Reforms in Post-Communist Eastern Europe, is forthcoming with Palgrave.

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