Applied Epistemology

ISBN : 9780198833659

Jennifer Lackey
480 Pages
153 x 234 mm
Pub date
May 2021
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Applied epistemology brings the tools of contemporary epistemology to bear on particular issues of social concern. While the field of social epistemology has flourished in recent years, there has been far less work on how theories of knowledge, justification, and evidence may be applied to concrete questions, especially those of ethical and political significance. This volume fills this gap in the current literature by bringing together leading philosophers in a broad range of areas in applied epistemology. The potential topics in applied epistemology are many and diverse, and this volume focuses on seven central issues, some of which are general while others are far more specific: epistemological perspectives; epistemic and doxastic wrongs; epistemology and injustice; epistemology, race, and the academy; epistemology and feminist perspectives; epistemology and sexual consent; and epistemology and the internet. Some of the chapters in this volume contribute to, and further develop, areas in social epistemology that are already active, while others open up entirely new avenues of research. All of the contributions aim to make clear the relevance and importance of epistemology to some of the most pressing social and political questions facing us as agents in the world.


Part One: Introduction
1 Jennifer Lackey: Applied Epistemology
Part Two: Epistemological Perspectives
2 Kristie Dotson and Ezgi Sertler: When Freeing Your Mind Isn't Enough: Framework Approaches to Social Transformation and its Discontents
3 Quill Kukla: Situated Knowledge, Purity, and Moral Panic
4 Mylan Engel Jr.,: Epistemology and Ethics of Animal Experimentation
Part Three: Epistemic and Doxastic Wrongs
5 Rima Basu: A Tale of Two Doctrines: Moral Encroachment and Doxastic Wronging
6 Lauren Leydon-Hardy: Predatory Grooming and Epistemic Infringement
Part Four: Epistemology and Injustice
7 Geoff Pynn: Epistemic Degradation and Testimonial Injustice
8 Jose Medina and Tempest Henning: My Body as a Witness: Bodily Testimony and Epistemic Injustice
Part Five: Epistemology, Race, and the Academy
9 Charles W. Mills: The 'White' Problem: American Sociology and Epistemic Injustice
10 Emmalon Davis: A Tale of Two Injustices: Epistemic Injustice in Philosophy
Part Six: Epistemology and Feminist Perspectives
11 Bianca Crewe and Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa: Rape Culture and Epistemology
12 Aidan McGlynn: Feminist Pornography as Feminist Propaganda, and Ideological Catch-22s
Part Seven: Epistemology and Sexual Consent
13 Hallie Liberto: Epistemic Responsibility in Sexual Coercion and Self-Defense Law
14 Jennifer Lackey: Sexual Consent and Epistemic Agency
15 Alexander A. Guerrero: The Epistemology of Consent
Part Eight: Epistemology and the Internet
16 Hanna Gunn and Michael Patrick Lynch: The Internet and Epistemic Agency
17 C. Thi Nguyen: How Twitter Gamifies Communication
18 Karen Frost-Arnold: The Epistemic Dangers of Context Collapse Online
19 Veronica Ivy: Yikkity Yak, Who Said That? The Epistemology of Anonymous Assertions

About the author: 

Jennifer Lackey is the Wayne and Elizabeth Jones Professor of Philosophy at Northwestern University, the Director of the Northwestern Prison Education Program, and Editor-in-Chief of Philosophical Studies and Episteme. Most of her research is in the area of social epistemology and recent projects have addressed credibility and false confessions, eyewitness testimony and epistemic agency, and epistemic reparations. Lackey is the winner of the Dr. Martin R. Lebowitz and Eve Lewellis Lebowitz Prize for Philosophical Achievement and Contribution as well as the Young Epistemologist Prize, and she has received grants and fellowships from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the American Council of Learned Societies, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities.

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