Respect: Philosophical Essays

ISBN : 9780198824930

Richard Dean; Oliver Sensen
320 Pages
153 x 234 mm
Pub date
Apr 2021
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Respect plays a prominent role in contemporary moral philosophy, as well as our every-day moral thought. Ordinary discussion about morality is often framed in terms of demands for respect or complaints about being disrespected, yet basic questions about the concept and role of respect are frequently overlooked. Here, leading philosophers present their latest ideas and fresh perspectives to point research on the topic in new directions. Following an introduction to the historical rise of respect as a central concept in moral discourse, Part I addresses the fundamental questions of what respect is; its nature and basis. Part II then examines questions in moral theory, for example what exactly ought to be respected, what role respect plays in morality, and which different types of respect are appropriate and morally significant. Part III concludes with the practical application of requirements of respect, with implications for significant moral issues of our time including environmental ethics, social justice, disability, bioethics, and more.


Richard Dean and Oliver Sensen: Introduction
Remy Debes: Respect: A History
Part I. On What Respect Is
Philip Pettit: A Conversive Theory of Respect
Gerald Gaus: Respect for Persons and Public Justification
Uriah Kriegel and Mark Timmons: The Phenomenology of Kantian Respect for Persons
Oliver Sensen: How to Treat Someone with Respect
Part II. Respect in Moral Theory
Carla Bagnoli: Respect and the Dynamics of Finitude
Richard Dean: The Peculiar Idea of Respect for a Capacity
Thomas Hill, Jr.: Beyond Respect and Beneficence: An Ideal of Appreciation
Christine Korsgaard: Valuing Our Humanity
Stephen Darwall: On a Kantian Form of Respect: Before a Humble Common Man... My Spirit Bows
Part III. Applications of Respect
Robin Dillon: Self-Respect, Arrogance, and Power: A Feminist Analysis
Serene Khader: Self-Respect Under Conditions of Oppression
Samuel Kerstein: A Lack of Respect in Bioethics
Adam Cureton: Treating Disabled Adults as Children: An Application of Kant's Conception of Respect
Lucia Schwarz: Species Egalitarianism and Respect for Nature: Of Mice and Carrots

About the author: 

Richard Dean is a Professor is Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Los Angeles. He received his PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and has previously taught at Rutgers University and the American University of Beirut. His main areas of research are the history of moral philosophy, especially Kant's ethics, and contemporary normative theory. He also has interests in empirical approaches to moral philosophy, applied ethics, and political philosophy.; Oliver Sensen is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Tulane University. He has a PhD from Cambridge University and has previously held the position of teaching fellow at Harvard University, as well as Visiting Professor at MIT, the University of Chicago, and the University of Bremen. He has been invited for a visiting appointment at the Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad, and is part of the faculty in the Program in Medical Ethics and Human Values at Tulane's Medical School. His research mainly focuses on dignity, autonomy, respect, free will, and Kant's philosophy.

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