Third-Party Peacemakers in Judaism: Text, Theory, and Practice

ISBN : 9780197566770

Daniel Roth
376 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jun 2021
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In the race to discover real solutions for the conflicts that plague contemporary society, it is essential that we look to precedent. Many of today's conflicts involve ethno-religious tensions that modern wisdom alone is ill-equipped to resolve. In Third-Party Peacemakers in Judaism, Rabbi Dr. Daniel Roth asks us to consider ancient religious and traditional cultural solutions to such present-day issues. Roth presents thirty-six case studies featuring third-party peacemakers drawn from Jewish classical, medieval, and early-modern rabbinic literature. Each case is explored through three layers of analysis - text, theory, and practice. The first layer offers historical and literary analysis of textual case studies, many of which are critically analyzed here for the first time. The second layer examines the theoretical model of third-party peacemaking imbedded within the selected cases and comparing them to other cultural and religious models of third-party peacemaking and conflict resolution. The final layer of analysis, based upon the author's personal experience of religious conflict resolution and peacemaking, looks at the practical implications of these case studies as models for modern peacemaking. Third-Party Peacemakers in Judaism serves as an inspiration for fostering indigenous practices of third-party peacemaking and mediation in the modern era.


Chapter 1 - From Muhammad to Sulha: Religious and Traditional Cultural Models of Third-Party Peacemaking
Chapter 2 - Judaism's Paradigmatic Third-Party Peacemaker: Legends of Aaron, the Pursuer of Peace, in Classical Rabbinic Literature
Chapter 3 - From Rabbi Meir to the Simple Jesters: Legends of Third-Party Peacemakers in Classical Rabbinic Literature
Chapter 4 - From Rabbi Yosef Syracusty to Rabbi Nissi al-Nahrawani: Historical Accounts and Stories of Third-party Rabbinic Peacemakers in Medieval and Early-Modern Rabbinic Literature
Chapter 5 - Rodfei Shalom, Metavkhei Shalom, Pashranim, and Nikhbadim: Historical Accounts and Stories of Third-Party Lay Peacemakers in Medieval and Early-Modern Rabbinic Literature
Conclusion: The Text, Theory, Practice, and Scope of Third-Party Peacemakers in Judaism

About the author: 

Rabbi Dr. Daniel Roth is the Director of Mosaica -The Religious Peace Initiative, which engages religious leaders in mediation, conflict resolution, and religious peacebuilding and is a lecturer of religion and conflict resolution at Bar-Ilan University's Conflict Resolution, Management and Negotiation Graduate Program in Israel. Roth was the founder and director of the Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution and the Mahloket Matters Project.

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