Psychopharmacology in Cancer Care: A Guide for Non-Prescribers and Prescribers

ISBN : 9780197517413

Andrew Roth; Chris Nelson
304 Pages
140 x 208 mm
Pub date
Feb 2021
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Depression, anxiety and other quality of life challenges are common in people with cancer, though few oncology practices have dedicated psychiatric consultants familiar with the nuances of psycho-oncology. Written from the combined perspectives of a prescriber and non-prescriber, Psychopharmacology in Cancer Care intends to bridge this common gap in specialized care to facilitate the improved psychotropic treatment of emotional distress in cancer patients. Non-prescribers will learn to observe for potential indications for psychopharmacological interventions, make timely referrals, and monitor the benefits and side effects of medications. Prescribers will benefit from diagnostic and clinical pearls geared towards the unique symptoms and comorbidities of cancer patients. Presented in a digestible format with case reports highlighted throughout, this book will enable non-prescribers and prescribers alike to recognize and discuss the overlap of physical and emotional situations in people with cancer more clearly.


Foreword by Mitch Golant
1. Antidepressants
2. Anxiolytics (Antianxiety) Medications
3. Antipsychotics: Managing Delirium, Anxiety, and Nausea
4. Medications for Sleep Disturbance
5. Medications for Fatigue

About the author: 

Andrew J. Roth, MD is an Attending Psychiatrist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and is a Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College.; Christian J. Nelson, PhD, is an Attending Psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

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