Clergy Education in America: Religious Leadership and American Public Life

ISBN : 9780195314670

Larry Abbott Golemon
372 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Mar 2021
Religion in America
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Clergy have historically been represented as figures of authority, wielding great influence over our society. During certain periods of American history, members of the clergy were nearly ever-present in public life. But men and women of the clergy are not born that way, they are made. And therefore, the matter of their education is a question of fundamental public importance. In Clergy Education in America, Larry Golemon shows not only how our conception of professionalism in religious life has changed over time, but also how the education of religious leaders have influenced American culture. Tracing the history of clergy education in America from the Early Republic through the first decades of the twentieth century, Golemon tracks how the clergy has become increasingly diversified in terms of race, gender, and class in part because of this engagement with public life. At the same time, he demonstrates that as theological education became increasingly intertwined with academia the clergy's sphere of influence shrank significantly, marking a turn away from public life and a decline in their cultural influence. Clergy Education in America offers a sweeping look at an oft-overlooked but critically important aspect of American public life.


Chapter 1: Leavening the Republic: The Five Social Arenas of Clergy Cultural Production
Chapter 2: To Build Church and Nation: The Religious Vision and Cultural Practices of Protestant Seminaries
Chapter 3: Planting Catholicism in America: Three Traditions of Priestly Formation
Chapter 4: Zion in America: The Jewish Rabbinical Schools
Chapter 5: Opening the Gates: Theological Education for Women, African-Americans, and the Working Class
Chapter 6: Creating a Modern Profession: The University and Theological Education

About the author: 

Larry Abbott Golemon is the Executive Director of the Washington Theological Consortium, which brings Byzantine and Roman Catholic, mainline Protestant, Evangelical, and Historic Black theological schools into partnership with institutes in Islamic, Jewish, Biblical, and Spirituality studies. He has contributed articles for Teaching Theology and Religion, Reflective Practice, and the Mercer Law Review.

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