Reimagining Rapport

ISBN : 9780190917074

Zane Goebel
200 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Apr 2021
Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics
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To do ethnography, a researcher must have rapport with research subjects. But what is rapport? Ethnography and ethnographic methods have increasingly become a feature of social inquiry in general and sociolinguistics in particular, and rapport is generally considered a prerequisite for fieldwork. And yet, unlike related terms such as "communication" and "phatic communion," this concept has remained largely unexamined. Reimagining Rapport turns a critical eye to the use of the term "rapport" across disciplines. The collection analyzes the very idea of rapport, both exploring how it has been shaped by historical forces and actors within sociocultural anthropology, and questioning its usefulness. Rather than viewing the term as simply denoting a type of positive social relationship that needs to be formed between researcher and consultant before research can begin, this book invites us to reimagine rapport theoretically, methodologically, and meta-methodologically. Zane Goebel and other leading sociolinguists challenge readers to think about how rapport has been constructed within these disciplines, and ultimately to see rapport as an emergent, co-constructed social relationship that is actively built during situated multimodal encounters. The contributors collectively examine the role of ideology and mediation in the construction of rapport, and argue that reconceptualizing research-subject relationships is essential for establishing more sophisticated ways of understanding, interpreting, and representing research context. A valuable resource for scholars and students of sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology-as well as for others engaged in ethnographic fieldwork-Reimagining Rapport is the first collection to provide an in-depth investigation of this critically important but previously unexamined concept.


CHAPTER 1: Reimagining Rapport Zane Goebel
CHAPTER 2: Rapport in the Anthropological Imagination Zane Goebel
CHAPTER 3:Sociologinguists and Rapport: On Linguistic Ideology and Fieldwork Practice Ben Rampton
CHAPTER 4: Rapport with God Joel Kuipers
CHAPTER 5: Intimacy Through Time and Space in Fieldwork Interviews Sabina Perrino
CHAPTER 6: Hardly Speaking: Ethnographic Rapport and the Ordinary Ethics of Host-Guest Interaction in Upland Sulawesi Aurora Donzelli
CHAPTER 7: Not Speaking the Local Language: Cultural Struggle, Fieldwork, and Rapport on the Cocos (Keeling) Nicholas Herriman and Monika Winarnita
CHAPTER 8: Alignment and Belonging in the Sociolinguistic Interview: Research Assistants and Negotiated Rapport Howard Manns
CHAPTER 9: Rapport to Fit In--Rapport to Stand Out: The Dynamics of Role Alignment During Group Interaction Michael C. Ewing
CHAPTER 10: Reimagining Rapport Theoretically, Meta-methodologically, and Methodologically Zane Goebel

About the author: 

Zane Goebel is Associate Professor of Indonesian and Applied Linguistics at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. He works on language and social relations in Indonesia and has published three monographs: Global Leadership Talk (OUP 2020), Language, Migration and Identity (2010), and Language and Superdiversity (OUP 2015). His work in Indonesia has also led to international collaborations culminating in two other edited volumes: Rapport and the Discursive Co-Construction of Social Relations in Fieldwork Encounters (2019) and Contact Talk (2019).

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