The Excellent Mind: Intellectual Virtues for Everyday Life

ISBN : 9780190096250

Nathan L. King
304 Pages
140 x 210 mm
Pub date
Apr 2021
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Nathan L. King's The Excellent Mind considers the importance of the intellectual virtues: the character traits of excellent thinkers. He explains what it means to have an excellent mind: one that is curious, careful, self-reliant, humble, honest, persevering, courageous, open, firm, and wise. Drawing from recent literature in philosophy and psychology, he considers what these virtues are like in practice, why they are important, and how we grow in them. King also argues that despite their label, these virtues are not just for intellectuals: they are for everyone. He shows how intellectual virtues are critical to living everyday life, in areas as diverse as personal relationships, responsible citizenship, civil discourse, personal success, and education. Filled with vivid examples and relevant applications, The Excellent Mind will serve as an engaging introduction to the intellectual virtues for students and anyone interested in the topic.


Part I: What are Intellectual Virtues and Why Do They Matter?
1. Why Good Thinking Matters
2. The Intellectual Virtues: A Closer Look
Part II: Intellectual Virtues
3. Curiosity: A Healthy Appetite for Knowledge
4. Carefulness: Mind Your Evidence
5. Autonomy: Think for Yourself
6. Humility & Self-Confidence: Own Your Weaknesses-and Your Strengths
7. Honesty: Don't Distort the Truth
8. Perseverance: Overcome Obstacles
9. Courage: Persist Despite Threats
10. Open-Mindedness & Firmness: Transcend and Maintain Your Perspective
11. Fair-Mindedness & Charity: Don't Do Unto Others / Do Unto Others
Part III: Putting on Virtue
12. How We Grow in Intellectual Virtue
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HPQ $ Philosophy: epistemology & theory of knowledge
Ethics & moral philosophy

About the author: 

Nathan L. King is Professor of Philosophy at Whitworth University. His research interests include intellectual character, the epistemology of disagreement, and the philosophy of education. His work has appeared in such journals as Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Philosophical Quarterly, and Synthese.

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