The Age of Agility: Building Learning Agile Leaders and Organizations

ISBN : 9780190085353

Veronica Schmidt Harvey; Kenneth P. De Meuse
608 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Apr 2021
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The Age of Agility: Building Learning Agile Leaders and Organizations focuses on learning agility, one of the most important trends in the business world during the past decade. Surveys have found that learning agility is the most frequently used criterion to measure leadership potential. Yet despite this popularity there is a need to more systematically examine the construct. This volume brings together more than 50 authors with backgrounds in both academic research and talent management practice to address crucial questions such as: What specifically is learning agility? How many facets or dimensions does it have? How do we measure it? And how can it be developed in leaders and organizations? This book enhances our knowledge of learning agility, distilling and synthesizing scientific evidence with best practices and examining the construct through both practical and scientific lenses.


Dave Ulrich
Backword Glance by the Founders of Learning Agility
Michael M. Lombardo
Robert W. Eichinger
1. Learning Agility: The DNA for Leaders and Organizations in the 21st Century
Kenneth P. De Meuse
Veronica Schmidt Harvey
2. Learning Agility and the Changing Nature of Leadership: Implications for Theory, Research and Practice
Guangrong Dai
Kenneth P. De Meuse
3. The Role of Learning Agility in Identifying and Developing Future Leaders
Allan H. Church
4. Measures of Learning Agility
Christine E. Boyce
Anthony S. Boyce
5. The Neuroscience of Learning Agility
Kim E. Ruyle
Section II: Strategies and Habits that Develop Learning Agility
6. Developing Learning Agile Behavior: A Model and Overview
Veronica Schmidt Harvey
Raphael Y. Prager
7. Cultivating Learning Agility through Mindfulness Training: A Framework and Recommendations
R. Andrew Lee
8. Stepping to the Edge of One's Comfort Zone
Cynthia D. McCauley
Paul R. Yost
9. Seek and Ye Shall Learn: Exploring the Multiple Links of Learning Agility and Feedback-Seeking
Seymour Adler
Rachel Neiman
10. Reflection: Behavioral Strategies to Structure and Accelerate Learning from Experience
Frederik Anseel
Madeline Ong
11. Being In Learning Mode: A Core Developmental Process For Learning Agility
Peter A. Heslin
Leigh B. Mellish
12. Learning Agility, Resilience, and Successful Derailment
Paul R. Yost
CodieAnn DeHaas
Mackenzie Allison
13. The DNA of VUCA: A Framework for Building Learning Agility in an Accelerating World
David B. Peterson
14. Becoming a Learning Agile Organization
Kim E. Ruyle
Kenneth P. De Meuse
Charles W. Hughley
15. Building Learning Agility Through Psychological Safety
Lorraine Stomski
Kelly Jensen
16. Developing Learning Agile Leaders: What We Can Learn from the Top Companies for Leaders
Jessie Leisten
Jim Donohue
17. Sensemaking in a VUCA World: Applying Vertical Development to Enhance Learning Agility
Laura Heaton
18. Learning Agility and Whole Leader Development
Robert B. McKenna
Emily Minaker
19. What We Know, What We Need to Know and Where Do We Go From Here?
Veronica Schmidt Harvey
Kenneth P. De Meuse
20. Case Studies
Case Authors
A. Ultimate Software: Nurturing a Growth Mindset in Our Leadership Pipeline
Tanya Castiglione Andrews
Julie Maloney
B. P&G: Fostering Learning Agility in the Next Generation of Leaders
Silke McCance
Ann E. Schulte
Brian J. Ruggeberg
Joshua D. Bush
Sharon A. Stratton
C. Using the TALENTx7 to Identify Potential School and System Leaders
Lianne Sipsma
Yolanda de Beer
D. IBM: Incorporating Learning Agility into Front-Line Manager Selection
Alison M. Hartmann
E. J.M. Huber: Using Learning Agility for Succession Planning and Leadership Development
Marilyn Buckner
F. Developing Learning Agility: Through the Lens of a Leader
Sarah E. Thomas
Veronica Schmidt Harvey
G. Fosun International Limited: Learning on the March to Adapt to Rapid Growth
Jack Lim
H. The Order of St. Francis (OSF) Healthcare: Assessing and Developing Learning Agility to Build Transformational Leaders
David F. Hoff
Todd VanNest
I. Southeastern University, Free Methodist Church and OneAccord: Learning Agility Starts at the Top
Robert B. McKenna
Daniel Hallak
Kent Ingle
Glen Prior
Jeff Rogers
J. J&J: The 134 Year Old Start-Up
Miriam Nelson
Sarah Brock
Kevin Hedman

About the author: 

Veronica Schmidt Harvey, PhD., is founder and principal of Schmidt Harvey Consulting and supports organizations in building strong, healthy leadership pipelines. Previously she was a partner at Aon Hewitt and has supported over a hundred organizations in accelerating the development of capabilities that allow leaders to not only survive, but thrive.; Kenneth P. De Meuse, Ph.D., is founder and president of the De Meuse Leadership Group LLC, a global network of more than 250 coaches certified on the TALENTx7RG Assessment. Prior to establishing his firm, he had senior leadership positions at Tercon Consulting and Korn Ferry International as well as was on the faculties of Iowa State University and the University of Wisconsin.

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