Punching the Clock: Adapting to the New Future of Work

ISBN : 9780190061241

Joe Ungemah
208 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Apr 2021
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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, trends already underway towards the Future of Work and the gig economy rapidly and unexpectantly accelerated. Physical isolation, travel restrictions, and social distancing challenged organizations to rethink how work gets done and by whom, with ramifications that will stretch beyond the pandemic. Punching the Clock explores how well workers are likely to both navigate and adapt to this new Future of Work, using the best of psychological science as a guide. Although the nature of work might have changed, the drives and needs of workers have not. Psychologists working across disciplines have amassed a deep understanding of these psychological forces, and when brought to bear on the changing workplace landscape, this knowledge can inform our ability to adapt and thrive. By drawing together cognitive, social, and organizational psychology with empirical research of the workplace, Ungemah examines the extent to which the Future of Work and the gig economy can be realized without breaking down the social fabric that holds the workplace together.


Introduction: The Future of Work in a Post Pandemic World
Chapter 1: Imitation
Chapter 2: Connection
Chapter 3: Reward
Chapter 4: Choice
Chapter 5: Confidence
Chapter 6: Power
Chapter 7: Helping
Chapter 8: Intent
Chapter 9: Obedience
Chapter 10: Conformity
Chapter 11: Identity
Chapter 12: Conflict
Chapter 13: Misdirection

About the author: 

Dr. Joe Ungemah's work seeks to make connections between the psychology underlying human behavior and the social world we live in, translating scientific theory into simple and straightforward insight that can be applied in the workplace and beyond. He is a registered psychologist, Principal at Ernst & Young LLP, and author of Misplaced Talent: A Guide to Better People Decisions. After studying and working in the UK, Ireland, and Australia, he now lives in Minneapolis, MN.

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