SBAs and EMQs for Human Disease (Medicine) in Dentistry

ISBN : 9780198800996

Oluyori K. Adegun; John A.G. Buchanan; Farida Fortune
208 Pages
157 x 235 mm
Pub date
Jan 2021
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A key revision resource for dental undergraduates and foundation dentists, SBAs and EMQs for Human Disease (Medicine) in Dentistry is also suitable for qualified practitioners undertaking professional development and learning about the medical context of dentistry. Featuring 200 high quality SBAs and EMQs, the questions mirror the format of university and professional assessments and are based on real-life clinical scenarios. Questions are designed to test the recognition of oral and systemic symptoms, selection of appropriate investigations and management, as well as to foster development of clinical problem-solving skills for future practice. The book promotes formative learning by incorporating answers, rationale, detailed explanations, and further reading sources for every question. Written by expert clinical teachers, the questions are mapped to specific learning outcomes for the Medicine (Human Disease) in Dentistry course (also referred to as Human Health and Disease (HHD) and Clinical Human Health and Disease (CHHD)) as outlined in the General Dental Council's (GDC's) Preparing for Practice document. A valuable resource full of comprehensive practice questions, this book is a key assessment tool for all those studying dentistry.


1 Single Best Answer (SBAs) Questions
2 SBA Answers, Rationale & Further reading
3 Extended Matching Questions (EMQs)
4 EMQ Answers, Rationale & Further reading

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