Oxford Textbook of Sjoegren's Syndrome

ISBN : 9780198806684

Elizabeth J Price; Anwar R Tappuni
272 Pages
219 x 276 mm
Pub date
Feb 2021
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Sjoegren's syndrome is a chronic autoimmune disease which can cause debilitating fatigue and pain. Diagnosis is often challenging due to the variability of symptoms and severity, and a multidisciplinary approach to management and treatment is required, yet there are few comprehensive resources covering everything clinicians need to know. The Oxford Textbook of Sjoegren's Syndrome bridges this gap by offering extensive coverage of system by system manifestations and treatments, as well as practical, evidence-based advice on diagnosing and managing this condition. Bringing together recent advances in research and therapies, this up-to-date guide covers everything clinicians need to know from the fundamental science and clinical characteristics of this condition, to the immunological and biochemical aspects, investigative procedures such as biopsy techniques and imaging modalities, and pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions.


Section 1: Introduction
1.1 Elizabeth J. Price and Anwar R. Tappuni: Introduction
1.2 Caroline Shiboski and Troy E. Daniels: Historical background, classification and diagnostic criteria
1.3 Simon Bowman: Epidemiology and genetics of Sjogren s Syndrome
Section 2: Basic science
2.1 Onorina Berardicurti, Charlotte G. Smith, Roberto Giacomelli, Elizabeth J. Price, and Francesca Barone: Biomarkers in primary Sjogren sSyndrome
2.2 Aurelie Ambrosi, Albin Bjork, and Marie Wahren-Herlenius: Autoantibodies and autoantigens in Sjogren s Syndrome
2.3 Saba Nayar, Serena Colafrancesco, and Francesca Barone: Stromal cells in Sjogren s Syndrome
Section 3: Diagnostic investigations
3.1 Anwar R. Tappuni: Clinical assessment of salivary glands function
3.2 Benjamin Fisher: Biopsy gland biopsy procedure and histopathology
3.3 Ashok Adams: Imaging in Sjogren s Syndrome
Section 4: Head and neck manifestations and clinical management
4.1 Emily Carter: Salivary glands manifestations and management
4.2 Anwar R. Tappuni: Oral manifestations and management
4.3 Jennifer Fuller and Shakeel Shahdad: Dental related disease
Section 5: Ocular manifestations and management
5.1 Nicola Roper, Pasquale Aragona, Maurizio Rolando, and Francisco C Figueiredo: Ocular Manifestations of Sjogren s Syndrome
5.2 Nicola Roper, Pasquale Aragona, Maurizio Rolando, and Francisco C Figueiredo: A therapeutic strategy for Sjogren s Syndrome dry eye
Section 6: Systemic manifestations
6.1 Thomas J Tull, Emma Benton, and David D Cruz: Cutaneous involvement and management of Sjogren s Syndrome
6.2 Elizabeth J. Price: Musculoskeletal disease - presentation and management
6.3 Rhys Evans and Stephen Walsh: Renal involvement in Primary Sjogren's Syndrome
6.4 Elizabeth J. Price: Gastrointestinal Disease in Sjogren s syndrome
6.5 Aravind Ganesh, Shane Lyons, and Gabriel Yiin: Neurological complications of Sjogren s Syndrome
6.6 Sara Carty: Cardiovascular and Lung Manifestations of Sjogren s Syndrome
6.7 Coziana Ciurtin and Su-Ann Yeoh: Haematological Manifestations of Sjogren s Syndrome
6.8 Coziana Ciurtin and Su-Ann Yeoh: Fatigue in Sjogren s Syndrome
6.9 Katie Hackett and Helen Cartner: Non-pharmacological interventions for the management of Fatigue and Constitutional Symptoms in Sjogren s Syndrome
6.1 Roberta Priori, Antonina Minniti, and Serena Colafrancesco: Gynaecologic and obstetric aspects in Sjogren s Syndrome
6.11 Saad Rassam: Sjogren s Syndrome Associated Lymphoma
Section 7: Juvenile and young adult
7.1 William D. Renton, Elizabeth J. Price, and A.V. Ramanan: Juvenile and young adult onset Sjogren s Syndrome
Section 8: Sjogren s mimics and overlaps
8.1 Nurhan Sutcliffe: Mimics of Sjogren s Syndrome
8.2 Nurhan Sutcliffe and Arabella Waller: Sjogren s Syndrome overlaps
Section 9: Experimental treatments, emerging therapies and the future
9.1 Benjamin Fisher: Experimental therapies in primary Sjogren s Syndrome
9.2 Elizabeth J. Price and Alan Baer: Sjogren s Syndrome Summary of Clinical Management

About the author: 

Dr Elizabeth J Price is a consultant rheumatologist who has a specific interest in Sjogren's Syndrome and runs a specialist Sjogren's clinic at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon. Her interest in Sjogren's dates from her Research Fellowship at The Kennedy Institute in London where she completed an MD thesis focusing on Sjogren's syndrome. She currently focuses on extraglandular manifestations of the disease and clinical research into SS and was the lead author and driving force behind the BSR Guidelines for the management of Sjogren's syndrome. ; Dr Anwar R Tappuni is Reader/Honorary Consultant in Oral Medicine, Institute of Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, UK

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