Science, Technology, and Innovation for Sustainable Development Goals: Insights from Agriculture, Health, Environment, and Energy

ISBN : 9780190949501

Ademola A. Adenle; Marian R. Chertow; Ellen H. M. Moors; David J. Pannell
588 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Oct 2020
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After the United Nations adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to "end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all," researchers and policy makers highlighted the importance of targeted investment in science, technology, and innovation (STI) to make tangible progress. Science, Technology, and Innovation for Sustainable Development Goals showcases the roles that STI solutions can play in meeting on-the-ground socio-economic and environmental challenges among domestic and international organizations concerned with the SDGs in three overlapping areas: agriculture, health, and environment/energy. Authors and researchers from 31 countries tackle both big-picture questions, such as scaling up the adoption and diffusion of new sustainable technologies, and specific, localized case studies, focusing on developing and middle-income countries and specific STI solutions and policies. Issues addressed include renewable energy, automated vehicles, vaccines, digital health, agricultural biotechnology, and precision agriculture. In bringing together diverse voices from both policy and academic spheres, this volume provides practical and relevant insights and advice to support policy makers and managers seeking to enhance the roles of STI in sustainable development.


Foreword by Olusegun Obasanjo
Foreword by Mahmoud Mohieldin
About the Editors
List of Contributors
1. What Can Science, Technology, and Innovation Offer in the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals?
Ademola A. Adenle, Marian R. Chertow, Ellen H.M. Moors, and David J. Pannell
2. Learning to Innovate: The Global Institutions for Biodiversity Innovation in the Sustainable Development Goals
Casey Stevens
3. Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development Goal 7
Govinda Timilsina and Kalim U. Shah
4. Linking Solar Energy Systems to Sustainable Development Goals in Africa: Recent Findings from Kenya and South Africa
Ademola A. Adenle
5. Comparing Renewable Energy Micro- Grids in Cambodia, Indonesia, and Laos: A Technological Innovation Systems Approach
Tobias S. Schmidt, Nicola U. Blum, and Catharina R. Bening
6. Fostering Sustainable Development Goals Through an Integrated Approach: Phasing in Green Energy Technologies in India and China
Rene Kemp, Babette Never, and Serdar Turkeli
7. Financing Environmental Science and Technological Innovation to Meet Sustainable Development Goals in Brazil
Mariana Machado and Carlos Eduardo F. Young
8. The Systems Science of Industrial Ecology: Tools and Strategies Toward Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals
Marian R. Chertow, Koichi S. Kanaoka, T. Reed Miller, Peter Berrill, Paul Wolfram, Niko Heeren, and Tomer Fishman
9. Automated Vehicles and Sustainable Cities: A Realistic Outlook to 2030
Rui Wang and Christopher Oster
10. The Role of Technology and Rebound Effects in the Success of the Sustainable Development Goals Framework
David Font Vivanco and Tamar Makov
11. Vaccine Innovation and Global Sustainability: Governance Challenges for Sustainable Development Goals
Cristina Possas, Reinaldo M. Martins, and Akira Homma

12. The Role of Development- Focused Health Technology Assessment in Optimizing Science, Technology, and Innovation to Achieve Sustainable Development Goal 3
Janet Bouttell, Eleanor Grieve, and Neil Hawkins
13. Anti- Malarial Drug Development and Diffusion in an Era of Multidrug Resistance: How Can an Integrated Health Framework Contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 3?
Freek de Haan and Ellen H.M. Moors
14. Digital Health: How Can It Facilitate Progress on Meeting Sustainable Development Goals in China?
Simon K. Poon, Yiren Liu, Ruihua Guo, and Mu Li
15. Responsive and Responsible Science, Technology, and Innovation for Global Health
Nora Engel, Agnes Meershoek, and Anja Krumeich
16. A Systemic Perspective on the Global Sanitation Challenge: Insights from Sociotechnical Dynamics in Nairobi's Informal Settlements
Mara J. van Welie and Bernhard Truffer
17. The Role of Animal- Source Foods in Sustainable, Ethical, and Optimal Human Diets
Julia de Bruyn, Brigitte Bagnol, Hilary H. Chan, Delia Grace, Marisa E. V. Mitchell, Michael J. Nunn, Kate Wingett, Johanna T. Wong, and Robyn G. Alders
18. Optimal Nitrogen Management for Meeting Sustainable Development Goal 2
Kshama Harpankar
19. Adoption of Integrated Crop Management Technology for Poverty Reduction and Food Security: The Case of Smallholder Rice Production in Timor Leste
Maria Fay Rola- Rubzen, Renato Villano, Marcolino Estevao Fernandes E. Brito, J. Brian Hardaker, and John Dixon
20. Two Decades of GMOs: How Modern Agricultural Biotechnology Can Help Meet Sustainable Development Goals
Ademola A. Adenle, Hans De Steur, Kathleen Hefferon, and Justus Wesseler
21. Farmer-Prioritized Climate-Smart Agriculture Technologies: Implications for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in East Africa
Caroline Mwongera, Chris M. Mwungu, Mercy Lungaho, and Steve Twomlow
22. Toward Sustainable Agri- Food Systems in Brazil: The Soybean Production Complex as a Case Study
Cecilia G. Flocco
23. Transformation Governance for Sustainable Development: Making Science, Technology, and Innovation Work for Small- Scale Fisheries
Karin Wedig
24. Value Network Analysis for (Re)Organizing Business Models Toward the Sustainable Development Goals: The Case of the Agricultural Commodity Exchange in Malawi
Domenico Dentoni, Laurens Klerkx, and Felix Krussmann
25. Making Scale Work for Sustainable Development: A Framework for Responsible Scaling of Agricultural Innovations
Seerp Wigboldus, Laurens Klerkx, and Cees Leeuwis
26. Conclusions and Future Policies for Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals
Ademola A. Adenle, Marian R. Chertow, Ellen H.M. Moors, and David J. Pannell
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About the author: 

Ademola A. Adenle is the founder of the Africa Sustainability Innovation Academy and was a research fellow and principal investigator at the United Nations University Headquarters, Japan. He specializes in science and technology policy in addressing sustainable development challenges including climate change, food security, energy, health, sustainable agriculture, and biodiversity conservation. Marian R. Chertow is Associate Professor of Industrial Environmental Management at the Yale University School of the Environment. Her research and teaching focus on industrial ecology, circular economy, business/environment issues, and reuse of waste and materials. Ellen H.M. Moors is Professor of Innovation and Sustainability at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development of Utrecht University. Her research focuses on the dynamics and governance of technological innovations in health- and food-related sectors in which emergent technology development occurs. David J. Pannell; is Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Western Australia and Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia. His research includes the economics of agricultural research and innovation, farmers' adoption of new technologies and innovations, economics of land and water conservation, and environmental policy.

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