Substance Use Disorders

ISBN : 9780190920197

Gerard Moeller; Mishka Terplan
384 Pages
178 x 254 mm
Pub date
Nov 2020
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Substance Use Disorders provides an overview of substance misuse and addresses the neurobiology, pharmacotherapy, and behavioural therapy management of substance use disorders from a clinical perspective. Examining the opioid epidemic to frame its discussion of the epidemiology of substance misuse, this book explores common barriers that prevent the implementation of effective treatment. Chapters discuss various aspects of substance use disorders, particularly opioids, alcohol, cannabis, and cocaine, to inform better conceptualization and management of these conditions. Part of the Primer On Psychiatry series, this book will provide a solid foundation for residents and fellows in psychiatry and addiction medicine and can also be used in clinical practice.


Chapter 1: Epidemiology of Substance Use Disorders: Opioid Use Disorder Epidemic
Chapter 2: Epidemiology of Cannabis Use Disorder: Neural Substrates & Treatment
Chapter 3: Preclinical Models of Substance Use Disorder: Abuse Liability Assessment and Candidate Pharmacotherapy Evaluation
Chapter 4: Impulsivity and Drug-Seeking Behavior in Substance Misuse: A Preclinical Perspective
Chapter 5: Impulsivity and Cue Reactivity in Substance Misuse: Clinical Studies
Chapter 6: Stress and Substance Misuse
Chapter 7: Overview: Barriers and Advantages of Utilization of FDA Approved Medications for Substance Use Disorder
Chapter 8: Methadone for Opioid Use Disorder
Chapter 9: Use of Buprenorphine for the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder
Chapter 10: Antagonist Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder: Development of Antagonist Treatment. Antagonists vs. Agonist Treatments Pros and Cons
Chapter 11: Pharmacotherapy for Opioid Use Disorders in Special Populations
Chapter 12: Pharmacology of Alcohol Use Disorder
Chapter 13: Pharmacotherapy for Smoking Cessation: Overview of Medications Including Over-the-Counter Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Bupropion and Varenicline
Chapter 14: What is Evidence Based Treatment?
Chapter 15: Evidence Based Behavioral Therapies for Substance Use Disorder
Chapter 16: Evidence Based Pharmacotherapy for Cocaine, Amphetamine, and Methamphetamine Use Disorder: Overview and History of Clinical Trials
Chapter 17: Evidence Based Pharmacotherapy for Alcohol Use Disorder
Chapter 18: Turn the Next Page: Envisioning the Future of Addiction Therapeutics

About the author: 

F. Gerard Gerry Moeller, MD, is Director of the C. Kenneth and Dianne Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research, and Associate Vice President for Clinical Research at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is also Director of the Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies and Division Chair for Addiction Psychiatry. Awarded the C. Kenneth and Dianne Wright Distinguished Chair in Addiction Science, his research focuses on translational research on addictions, with a goal of developing novel treatments that reduce drug use and overdose. He is board certified in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine. Mishka Terplan, MD, MPH, is board certified in both obstetrics and gynecology and in addiction medicine. His primary clinical, research, and advocacy interests lie along the intersections of reproductive and behavioral health. He is Associate Medical Director at Friends Research Institute and adjunct faculty at the University of California, San Francisco where he is a Substance Use Warmline; clinician for the National Clinical Consultation Center. He is also the Addiction Medicine Specialist for Virginia Medicaid and a consultant for the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare. Dr. Terplan has active has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles with emphasis on health disparities, stigma, and access to treatment.

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