Overlapping Pain and Psychiatric Syndromes: Global Perspectives

ISBN : 9780190248253

Mario Incayawar; Sioui Maldonado Bouchard
456 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Oct 2020
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Chronic pain seldom presents alone. Pain patients frequently have comorbid psychiatric conditions and those suffering from mental illness often experience pain. Nonetheless, pain conditions and psychiatric disorders have customarily been understood and treated as different and separate clinical entities, to the detriment of patients' wellbeing. This book will describe the complex and striking relationships between pain and psychiatric disorders, offering the first comprehensive review of the challenging and neglected intersection between pain medicine and psychiatry. Written by world-renowned experts in the fields of pain and psychiatry, chapters contribute a valuable array of clinical and theoretical perspectives and include illustrative case examples throughout.


Ron Wintrob
Mario Incayawar
1. The Need to Fathom the Overlapping Pain and Psychiatric Syndromes
Mario Incayawar
2. Recognizing the Co-occurrence of Chronic Pain and Mental Illness
Jan Jaracz
3. Glial Cells and Pro-inflammatory Cytokines as Shared Neurobiological Bases for Chronic Pain and Psychiatric Disorders
Judith A. Strong, Sang Won Jeon, Jun-Ming Zhang, and Yong-Ku Kim
4. Shared Brain Synaptic Mechanisms of Pain and Anxiety: Insight from Preclinical Studies
Ipek Yalcin and Min Zhuo
5. The Epigenetic Bridge between Stress, Chronic Pain, and Psychiatric Disorders
Sioui Maldonado-Bouchard and Mario Incayawar
6. Identifying and Assessing Overlapping Chronic Pain and Mental Illness
Glenn J. Treisman
7. Assessment and Monitoring of Patients with Chronic Pain and Co-Occurring Substance Use and Abuse
Jon Streltzer
8. Psychometrics for Detecting Pain-Related Malingering
Blake H. Tearnan
9. Neuroimaging Correlates for Psychological and Chronic Pain Experiences
John A. Sturgeon and Katherine T. Martucci
10. Navigating the Pain and Suicide Conundrum
Martin D. Cheatle, Simmie Foster, and Nicole Tang
11. Depression and Anxiety as Risk Factors for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder - A German Perspective
Stefan Kindler and Marike Bredow-Zeden
12. Recognizing the Psychiatric Burden of Anxiety and Depression in Children with Headache, Chest, and Abdominal Pain
Susan T. Tran, Ana B. Goya Arce, and Anjana Jagpal
13. Exploring Pain Conditions in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
Mael Gagnon-Mailhot
Janie Damien
Vincent Pelland
and Serge Marchand
14. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Pain in the Military
Renee El-Gabalawy, Pamela L. Holens, Jordana Sommer, and Rachel Roy.
15. The Clinical Neuroscience of the Insomnia-Fibromyalgia Link: An Overview for Clinicians
Christina S. McCrae, Ashley Curtis, and Daniel B. Kay
16. Alcohol and Chronic Pain: Shared Neural Circuits and Clinical Features
Tessa Frohe, Benjamin Berey, Katie Witkiewitz, Elizabeth McCallion, and Kevin E. Vowles
17. Catastrophizing in Comorbid Chronic Pain and Mental Illness: A Primer for Clinicians
Cynthia Townsend and Donald Townsend
18. Untangling Comorbid Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Psychiatric Disorders
Mihaela Fadgyas Stanculete and Dan L. Dumitrascu
19. The Many Faces of Chronic Urogenital Pain: Vulvodynia and Psychiatric Comorbidities
Bernard L. Harlow, Miriam J. Haviland, and Sophie Bergeron
20. Understanding and Managing Personality Disorders in Chronic Pain
James N. Weisberg, Channing Twyner, and Christopher Paul
21. Pain and Comorbid Psychiatric Illnesses in the Elderly: A Fitful Marriage and Its Management
Mellar P. Davis and John Shuster Jr.
22. Does Self-injury Hurt? Understanding the Experience and Potential Functions of Pain in Self-injury
Amy Kranzler, Kara B. Fehling, Julia Brillante, and Edward A. Selby
23. Innovative Management of Chronic Pain and Psychiatric Comorbidities
J. Gregory Hobelmann and Michael R. Clark
24. Acknowledging the Clinical Effects of Words in Pain Medicine and Psychiatry
Lise Bouchard and Mario Incayawar
25. Detecting and Managing the Untreated Pain in Dementia
Anne Corbett
26. Effective Management of Pain in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Intellectual Disability
Djea Saravane
27. Cultural Spectrum of Chronic Pain and Somatization Syndromes: Indian Experiences
Geetha Desai, Santosh K. Chaturvedi, and Dinesh Bhugra
28. Jaki, a Puzzling Inca Syndrome of Comorbid Pain and Mental Illness
Mario Incayawar
29. Taming Artificial Intelligence in Psychiatry and Pain Medicine- Promises and Challenges
Usef Faghihi, Sioui Maldonado-Bouchard, Mario Incayawar

About the author: 

MARIO INCAYAWAR, MD, MSC, PHD, is a physician-scientist, educator, and published author specializing in psychiatry and pain medicine. A recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2006, he has held the Henry R. Luce Professorship in Culture, Brain, Mind, and Medicine at the Claremont Colleges; and the William F. Quillian Jr. International Professorship, at R-MWC, Virginia. He was elected to the Executive Committee of the Transcultural Psychiatry Section of the World Psychiatric Association from 2005 to 2011 and is the founder and director of the Runajambi Institute. www.runajambi.org/incayawar SIOUI MALDONADO BOUCHARD, MSC, PHD, is a neuroscientist specializing in behavioral neuroscience and psychology. She has conducted research about the impact of the social environment on spinal cord injury and the association between the social environment and pain. The translation of scientific knowledge to the larger medical community and beyond is particularly important to her. A former post-doctoral; fellow at the Pain Genetics Laboratory at McGill University, she has contributed several papers in Canadian and American journals for the medical community.

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