Cultures of Intelligence in the Era of the World Wars

ISBN : 9780198867203

Simon Ball; Philipp Gassert; Andreas Gestrich; Soenke Neitzel
400 Pages
148 x 223 mm
Pub date
Aug 2020
Studies of the German Historical Institute London
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Cultures of Intelligence analyses the intelligence services of Germany, Britain, the USA, and France in the first half of the twentieth century. It asks whether there were national traditions in intelligence, or whether each of the sophisticated Western intelligence powers was part of a transnational intelligence culture? The book is a contribution to the cultural turn in intelligence studies. Its underlying purpose is to place intelligence in its proper historical and comparative context. As such it is also a contribution to the history of political culture and its study.


1 Simon Ball and Andreas Gestrich: Cultures of Intelligence in the Era of the World Wars: An Introduction
2 Sönke Neitzel: National Cultures of Military Intelligence? Comparative Perspectives
I: Political Culture and Cultures of Military Intelligence
3 Peter Jackson: Political Culture and Intelligence Culture: France before the Great War
4 Alan MacLeod: Culture and the Development of British Intelligence
5 Mark Stout: The Men and Women of American Intelligence before the CIA
6 Magnus Pahl: 'My strength is my mistrust': Hitler and his Military Intelligence on the Eastern Front
II: Security and Cultures of Intelligence
7 Jérôme aan de Wiel: Irish Police Intelligence, 1820s-1922
8 Markus Pöhlmann: The Evolution of the Military Intelligence System in Germany, 1890-1918
9 Kaeten Mistry: Embarrassing Indiscretions: Embarrassing Indiscretions: The Origins and Culture of US National Security Whistleblowing in the Interwar Years
III: The Public Sphere and Cultures of Intelligence
10 Deborah Bauer: Villains, Liars, Soldiers, and Patriots: Perceptions of Espionage and the Politics of Emotion in fin-de-siécle France
11 Simon Ball: Soldiers Cannot Write and Amateurs Do Not Understand: History and the Formation of the Culture of Intelligence in Britain, 1917-1957
12 Michael Kranzdorf: Secrecy is the Essence of Successful Warfare. Publicity is the Essence of Successful Journalism: Public Discourses on Intelligence in Britain 1900-1927
13 Bernhard Sassmann: Talking Intelligence-the American Way: The American Public and National Intelligence in the First Half of the Twentieth Century
14 Simon Willmetts: Ways of Seeing War: Hollywood, the OSS, and the Logistics of Perception
IV: International Relations and Cultures of Intelligence
15 Huw Dylan: Culture, Adaptation, and Change in British Intelligence in the Transition from World War to Cold War
16 Shlomo Shpiro: Intelligence Without a Homeland: Jewish Cultural and Political Approaches to Intelligence, 1897-1948
17 Martin Thomas: The Imperial Cultures of French Security Intelligence from World War to Decolonization War Culture
18 Philipp Gassert: Shifting Contexts: The American Turn Towards Internationalism and Globalism and the Rise of the US Intelligence System

About the author: 

Simon Ball is Professor of History at the University of Leeds ; Philipp Gassert is Professor of History at the University of Mannheim ; Andreas Gestrich is Professor of History at the University of Trier ; Sönke Neitzel is Professor of History at the University of Potsdam

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