ESC Handbook of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation: A practical clinical guide

ISBN : 9780198849308

Ana Abreu; Jean-Paul Schmid; Massimo Piepoli
224 Pages
129 x 196 mm
Pub date
Sep 2020
The European Society of Cardiology
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This guide is directed at the multi-disciplinary team dealing with cardiac rehabilitation. It is a practical handbook for everyday professionals on what they should do following cardiac events and return to work. It is adapted to the needs of cardiac rehabilitation centers. * Key publication from the European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC) * Companion handbook to The ESC Handbook of Preventive Cardiology: Putting Prevention into Practice This handbook is directed at cardiologists in training and practice, specialist (cardiac) nurses, technicians, exercise physiologists and other healthcare professionals involved in the multidisciplinary process of cardiac rehabilitation * Practical user-friendly handbook style presentation * Covers the complete spectrum of rehabilitation care * Key team members address key issues - smoking, diet and physical activity * Focus on high risk patients (family approach)


Chapter 1. Evidence of cardiac rehabilitation in the modern era Constantinos H. Davos and Bernhard Rauch
Chapter 2. Different settings of cardiac rehabilitation Jean-Paul Schmid and Ugo Corra
Chapter 3. Cardiac rehabilitation: referral and barriers Massimo Piepoli and Margaret Cupples
Chapter 4. Human and material resources, structure, organizational recommendations Ana Abreu and Jean-Paul Schmid
Chapter 5. Recovering from acute heart events Ugo Corra and Jean-Paul Schmid
Chapter 6. Early assessment and risk stratification Marie Christine Iliou and Catherine Monpere
Chapter 7. Modalities of physical activity and exercise in the management of cardiovascular health in individuals with cardiovascular risk factors Dominique Hansen and Martin Halle
Chapter 8. Exercise training in low risk patients Matthias Wilhelm
Chapter 9. Exercise Training Programs for high risk and specific groups of patients Jean-Paul Schmid and Ugo Corra
Chapter 10. Diet and nutritional aspects in cardiac rehabilitation Aimilia Varela, Constantinos Davos and Wolfram Doehner
Chapter 11. Educational intervention Marie Christine Iliou and Margaret E. Cupples
Chapter 12. Intervention on Depression, Anxiety and stress in Cardiovascular Patients Maria Manuela Abreu
Chapter 13. Risk factor management of non-conventional risk factors Roberto Pedretti
Chapter 14. How to improve adherence to medication & lifestyle measures Ana Abreu and Miguel Mendes
Chapter 15. CR for geriatric and frail patients Carlo Vigorito and Ana Abreu
Chapter 16. Return to work Rona Reibis and Heinz Voller
Chapter 17. Specific issues on physical activities after cardiac rehabilitation Marco Ambrosetti and Esteban Porrero
Chapter 18. Cardiopulmonary exercise test Luca Moderato and Massimo Piepoli
Chapter 19. Technological issues Martijn Scherrenberg, Cindel Bonneux, Ines Frederix and Paul Dendale
Chapter 20. E-Health in Cardiac Rehabilitation Ines Frederix and Paul Dendale
Chapter 21. The EXPERT tool: how to make exercise prescription easy Dominique Hansen and Karin Coninx

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