Ecologies of Resonance in Christian Musicking

ISBN : 9780197534106

Mark Porter
192 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Nov 2020
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Ecologies of Resonance in Christian Musicking Rexplores a diverse range of Christian musical activity through the conceptual lens of resonance, a concept rooted in the physical, vibrational, and sonic realm that carries with it an expansive ability to simultaneously describe personal, social, and spiritual realities. In this book, Mark Porter proposes that attention to patterns of back-and-forth interaction that exist in and alongside sonic activity can help to understand the dynamics of religious musicking in new ways and, at the same time, can provide a means for bringing diverse traditions into conversation. The book focuses on different questions arising out of human experience in the moment of worship. What happens if we take the entry point of a human being experiencing certain patterns of (more than) sonic interaction with the world around them as a focus for exploration? What different ecologies of interaction can be encountered? What kinds of patterns can be traced through different Christian worshiping environments? And how do these operate across multiple dimensions of experience? Chapters covering ascetic sounding, noisy congregations, and Internet live-streaming, among others, serve to highlight the diverse ecologies of resonance that surround Christian musicking, suggesting the potential to develop new perspectives on devotional musical activity that focus not primarily on compositions or theological ideals but on changing patterns of interaction across multiple dimensions between individuals, spaces, communities, and God.


Introduction: Experiencing Multiple Traditions
Chapter 1: Sounding Back and Forth
Chapter 2: Singing, Resonance, and Ascetic Struggle
Chapter 3: Resonance, Bach, and Noisy Congregations
Chapter 4: Evangelicals, Authenticity, and Sacrament
Chapter 5: Space, Multiplicity, De/Reconstructing Resonance
Chapter 6: Prayer Room Live-Streaming and Transnational Resonant Assemblages
Conclusion: Relational Ecologies and Rhizomatic Flight

About the author: 

Mark Porter studied at University College, Oxford, and King's College, London, before completing his doctorate in ethnomusicology at City University, London, in 2014. Following this, in 2015, he took up a postdoctoral position at Max-Weber-Kolleg, Universitat Erfurt. His first monograph, Contemporary Worship Music and Everyday Musical Lives, was published 2017 and he is co-founder and programme chair of the biennial Christian Congregational Music: Local and Global Perspectives conference. His writing has appeared in the Church Music Quarterly, Ecclesial Practices, Liturgy, the Journal of Contemporary Religion and the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, among others. Mark is also an active church musician who has served as worship leader, director of music, organist and choir leader for a variety of churches in the UK and in Germany.

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