Inward Baptism: The Theological Origins of Evangelicalism

ISBN : 9780197511473

Baird Tipson
224 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Aug 2020
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Inward Baptism analyses the theological developments that led to the great evangelical revivals of the mid-eighteenth century. Baird Tipson here demonstrates how the rationale for the "new birth," the characteristic and indispensable evangelical experience, developed slowly but inevitably from Luther's critique of late medieval Christianity. Addressing the great indulgence campaigns of the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, Luther's perspective on sacramental baptism, as well as the confrontation between Lutheran and Reformed theologians who fastened on to different aspects of Luther's teaching, Tipson sheds light on how these disparate historical moments collectively created space for evangelicalism. This leads to an exploration of the theology of the leaders of the Evangelical awakening in the British Isles, George Whitefield and John Wesley, who insisted that by preaching the immediate revelation of the Holy Spirit during the "new birth," they were recovering an essential element of primitive Christianity that had been forgotten over the centuries. Ultimately, Inward Baptism examines how these shifts in religious thought made possible a commitment to an inward baptism and consequently, the evangelical experience.


List of Illustrations
Chapter One: Conversion in Late Medieval Christianity
Chapter Two: Luther Insists on Faith
Chapter Three: Can One Turn to One's Outward Baptism for Assurance of Salvation?: The Colloquy at Montbeliard .
Chapter Four: The Conscience Religion of William Perkins
Chapter Five: Grace Resolved into Morality?
Chapter Six: The Outbreak of Evangelicalism
Concluding Remarks
Appendix A: Decree and Execution in Theodore Beza's Doctrine of Predestination
Appendix B: Reflections on Darkness Falls on the Land of Light

About the author: 

Baird Tipson is Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at Gettysburg College. After seventeen years as a faculty member, Tipson (AB Princeton University, PhD Yale University) became Provost of Gettysburg College (1987-1995), President of Wittenberg University (1995-2004) and President of Washington College (2004-2010). A student of Sydney Ahlstrom, he specializes in the European Reformation and the early history of Religion in America. He is the author of Hartford Puritanism: Thomas Hooker, Samuel Stone and Their Terrifying God.

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