Practical Implementation in Social Work: A Guide to Engaging in Evidence-Based Practice

ISBN : 9780197509722

Jennifer L. Bellamy; Danielle E. Parish
184 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Sep 2020
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How can someone determine whether to implement an evidence-supported intervention? What can be done to make sure any intervention is implemented well? Is there a foolproof way to adapt interventions for different client groups? In this book, Jennifer L. Bellamy and Danielle E. Parrish take readers through the implementation of interventions, offering insight into the steps necessary before intervening and what to do after one has taken place. The book centers itself on evidence-based practice (EBP), and Bellamy and Parrish provide readers with a clear understanding of the ways EBP can be used to make informed decisions about the selection of interventions and the evaluation of practice decisions. Practical Implementation in Social Work Practice is a helpful guide that showcases the benefits of EBP, with an emphasis on the implementation of high-quality interventions. The book expands on the EBP process from the applied and practical lenses, beginning with an overview of the process of EBP and the relationship between EBP and implementation. Within the chapters, readers will find specialized insight, practical industry tips, and adaptable implementation frameworks and tools to use on their own. This is a foundational text for social work practitioners, students, and intervention developers who are looking to implement high-quality interventions in real-world situations, and those who dive into the pages of this book will walk away with everything from the history of EBP to the continuing challenges facing the practice and field as a whole.


Chapter 1: The Three Circle Model of Evidence Based Practice
Chapter 2: The Steps of the Evidence Based Practice Process
Chapter 3: Evidence Supported Interventions
Chapter 4: Shopping For an Empirically Supported Intervention
Chapter 5: Implementation Overview
Chapter 6: Adaptation and the Internal Logic of Interventions
Chapter 7: Identifying and Defining an Adaptation Problem
Chapter 8: Intervention Adaptation Models and Example
Chapter 9: Fidelity
Chapter 10: Conclusion
Appendix A: Recommended Textbooks on Assessment and Evidence Based Practice
Appendix B: Evidentiary Checklists

About the author: 

Jennifer L. Bellamy, PhD, MSSW, is Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development and Professor at the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. Danielle E. Parrish, PhD, MSW, is Professor at Baylor University's Diana R. Garland's School of Social Work.

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