Palliative Care in Nephrology

ISBN : 9780190945527

Alvin H. Moss; Dale E. Lupu; Nancy C. Armistead; Louis Diamond
288 Pages
178 x 254 mm
Pub date
Sep 2020
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Palliative care has become increasingly important across the spectrum of healthcare, and with it, the need for education and training of a broad range of medical practitioners not previously associated with this field of care. As part of the Integrating Palliative Care series, this volume on palliative care in nephrology guides readers through the core palliative knowledge and skills needed to deliver high value, high quality care for seriously ill patients with chronic and end-stage kidney disease. Chapters are written by a team of international leaders in kidney palliative care and are organized into sections exploring unmet supportive care needs, palliative care capacity, patient-centered care, enhanced support at the end of life, and more. Chapter topics are based on the Coalition for Supportive Care of Kidney Patients Pathways Project change package of 14 evidence-based best practices to improve the delivery of palliative care to patients with kidney disease. An overview of the future of palliative care nephrology with attention to needed policy changes rounds out the text. Palliative Care in Nephrology is an ideal resource for nephrologists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, social workers, primary care clinicians, and other practitioners who wish to learn more about integrating individualized, patient-centered palliative care into treatment of their patients with kidney disease.


Chapter 1 Overview
Section I Why We Need This Book: Unmet Supportive Care Needs of Patients with Kidney Disease
Chapter 2 Birth of a Benefit: Brief History of the ESRD Program
Nancy Armistead and Jeffrey A. Perlmutter
Chapter 3 Unmet Palliative Care Needs of Patients with Kidney Disease and Consequences
Kate Schueller and Dale Lupu
Chapter 4 Models for Operationalizing Supportive Care in Kidney Care
Dale Lupu and Emma Murphy
Section II Supportive Care Capacity-Creating the Infrastructure to Provide Kidney Supportive Care
Chapter 5 Assessing Patients' Unmet Palliative Care Needs with Tools for Assessment
Dr. Chandra Thomas and Amanda Halpin
Chapter 6 Primary Palliative Care Education for the Multidisciplinary Nephrology Team
J. Pedro Teixeira and Sara A. Combs
Chapter 7 Establishing Relationships with Specialty Palliative Care for More Complex Patient Needs
Kate Schueller and Joe Rotella
Chapter 8 Physician Wellness in Nephrology and Palliative Care
Sarah Ramer and Holly Koncicki
Section III Patient-Centered Care-Values Guide Care
Chapter 9 The Shared Decision-Making Process as the Recommended Standard for Treatment Decisions in Kidney Disease and Requisite Communication Skills to Implement the Process
Ernest I. Mandel, Jane O. Schell and Robert A. Cohen
Chapter 10 Advance care planning to elicit and respect patient values and preferences
Jean L. Holley and J. April Yasunaga
Chapter 11 Involving Family and Friends in Palliative Care for Persons with Kidney Disease
Elizabeth Anderson and Dave White
Chapter 12 The System to Implement Advance Care Planning and Make Proxies, Advance Directives, and Portable Medical Orders Available and Actionable Across Care Settings
Valerie Satkoske and Alvin H. Moss
Section IV Just Right Care-the Right Care to the Right Person at the Right time
Chapter 13 The Role of Estimating and Communicating Prognosis in Kidney Supportive Care
Bjorg Thorsteinsdottir and Michael J. Germain
Chapter 14 Active Medical Management without Dialysis for Patients with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease
Kelly Li
Chapter 15 Systematic Pain Assessment and Management
Sara N. Davison
Chapter 16 Systematic Non-Pain Symptom Assessment and Management
Hana Yu and Jennifer S. Scherer
Chapter 17 Systematic Psychosocial and Spiritual Needs Assessment and Management
Daniel Cukor and Elissa Kozlov
Chapter 18 Geriatric Nephrology Sendromes and Assessment and Management of Cognitive Impairment
Edwina A. Brown and Osasuyi Iyasere
Chapter 19 Palliative Considerations for the Patient with Acute Kidney Injury in the Intensive Care Unit
Tamara Rubenzik and Alvin Moss
Section V Throughout the Continuum-Enhanced Support at the End of Life
Chapter 20 Coordination of Care and Care Transitions with Primary Care Clinicians, Specialty Palliative Care, and Hospice
Areeba Jawed and Joe Rotella
Chapter 21 Palliative Dialysis
Vanessa Grubbs
Chapter 22 Process of Dialysis Withdrawal for Patients Failing to Thrive on Dialysis
Daniel Lam and Rebecca J. Schmidt
Section VI The Future of Palliative Care Nephrology
Chapter 23 Ethical issues in the supportive care of patients with advanced kidney disease
Catherine R. Butler and Alvin H. Moss
Chapter 24 Transforming practice to support person-centered care for patients with advanced kidney disease
Ann M. O'Hare and Nancy Armistead

About the author: 

Alvin H. Moss, MD, FACP, FAAHPM, is Professor of Medicine and Director of the Center for Health Ethics and Law at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV. Dale E. Lupu, MPH, PhD, is Senior Strategic Advisor of the Coalition for Supportive Care of Kidney Patients and Lead Consultant and founder of Daleview Associates in Maryland. Nancy C. Armistead, MPA, is Executive Director of the Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition in Richmond, VA. Louis Diamond, MBChB, FCP, (SA), FACP, FHIMSS, is Member of the Executive Committee for the Coalition for Supportive Care for Kidney Disease Patients.

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