C. Miller Fisher: Stroke in the 20th Century

ISBN : 9780190603656

Louis R. Caplan
288 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Oct 2020
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When Charles Miller Fisher was born in 1913 there was very little scientific knowledge about stroke. But thanks to him, our understanding of stroke and of other brain disorders are now well established in every neurology training program around the world. C. Miller Fisher is his story: his life, his method of study and of research, and his contributions. This work, reinforced with unequalled access to the CMF archives overseen by the Fisher estate and told in his own words (italicized in the text) from his memoirs, will shed light on one of the most important clinicians in North America and the world. He devoted his career and the great majority of every waking day to the study of stroke, both in the pathology laboratory and in people. Fisher's discoveries and contributions and those of the individuals that he trained changed the knowledge basis of stroke and vascular disease for everyone.


C. Miller Fisher's Life: Timeline
Part I. Early Years and University and Medical Training
1. Fisher's Early Years
2. Toronto University and Medical School and Internship in Detroit
Part II. War Experiences
3. World War II and Experience as a British Naval Officer
4. Prisoner of War, 1941-1944
Part III. Repatriation and Reintroduction to Medicine and Neurology in Montreal
5. Reintroduction to Medicine and Neurology in Montreal
Part IV. Neuropathology Fellowship and Experience as a Neurologist Specializing in Stroke
6. Pathology at Boston City Hospital
7. Montreal, 1950-1954
Part V. Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital: Fisher's Personal Characteristics, Methods, and Major Contributions
8. Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital: Fisher's Activities and Methods
9. Fisher's Collegiality, Personality Traits and Idiosyncrasies, and Rules
10. Neurological Examination of the Stuporous Patient, Lacunar Infarction, Intracerebral Hemmorrhage, and Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
11. Carotid Artery and Cerebral Atherosclerosis, Transient Ischemic Attacks, Symptoms and Signs Correlated with Lesions at Various Brain Locations, Cervical and Cranial Arterial Dissections, andHydrocephalus and Gait Abnormalities
12. Atrial Fibrillation, Memory, Timing and Quantity of Behavior, Randomized Therapeutic Trials and Anticoagulation of Brain Ischemia Patients, and Headache and Migraine
13. Eye Signs, Syndromes, and Reviews and Opinions
Part VI. The Last Decades of Fisher's Life
14. Retirement and Beyond: Fisher's Last Decades

About the author: 

Louis R. Caplan, MD Professor of Neurology, Harvard University Neurologist, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre

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