Nietzsche's Values

ISBN : 9780190098230

John Richardson
594 Pages
156 x 235 mm
Pub date
Oct 2020
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John Richardson here organizes Nietzsche's thinking around the central and unifying concept of values. Richardson maps in detail Nietzsche's arguments, which crucially distinguish three basic ways of valuing.The first is the valuingNietzsche attributes to all living things, and to us humans in our bodies; Nietzsche insists that we already value in our drives and affects. The second isour distinctively human valuing, which we carry out as subjects and agents; these conscious and worded values are superimposed on those bodily ones, in ways Nietzsche finds deeply problematic. The third is the new way of valuing that Nietzsche offers as his lesson from that diagnosis and critique of our human values; these new values are centered on a universal affirmation or "Yes," epitomized in the thought of eternal return.Each of the book's twelve chaptersexamines a different aspect of one of these ways of valuing, showing the complexity of Nietzsche's thinking on its topic, but also its unity and consistency. Incorporating recent advances in philosophical scholarship on Nietzsche, Richardson's thought-provoking new interpretation will serve as a vital updated reference point for future work.


Chapter 1: Value. Introducing the problems.
Part One: Body values.
Chapter 2: Life. As valuer and valued.
Chapter 3: Drives. Psychology of drives not agents.
Chapter 4: Affects. Memory and suffering.
Part Two: Human values.
Chapter 5: Human. Agency as life-condition.
Chapter 6: Words. Language and community.
Chapter 7: Nihilism. Against morality-and truth?
Chapter 8: Freedom. Science, history, psychology.
Part Three: Nietzsche's values.
Chapter 9: The Yes. Value monism.
Chapter 10: Self. To become who one is.
Chapter 11: Creating. Founding new social norms.
Chapter 12: Dionysus. New gods and eternal return.

About the author: 

John Richardson grew up in Hawaii and has undergraduate degrees from Harvard College (1972, Philosophy) and Oxford University (1974, PPE), and a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley (1981, Philosophy). He has written two previous books on Nietzsche (Nietzsche's System, OUP 1996) and Nietzsche's New Darwinism (OUP 2004), as well as two books on Heidegger. He is Professor of Philosophy at New York University.

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